digikam problems with the Mysql

are there any known difficulties with the Mysql in the current digiKam version?


Manjaro Linux.

yes, once again a problem with mariadb. Had to reset my Linux system with timeshift, then everything ran fine, have blocked these updates now. Too bad. I’m thinking about going back to SQLite.

digiKam and other software currently does not work with MariaDB-10.8.x. Keep in mind that MariaDB-10.8 is a development release and is not meant to be used in production environments. Here is a bug report from Akonadi with the same problem:


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Hello @dkdeveloper,
What is the solution? Do you have to wait until mariadb is fixed? And how can I see that mariadb is fixed?
Or is it better to switch to SQLinte after all? Digikam has to manage about 130,000 photos for me. Some say that this is not a problem for SQLite.
I ask because it is the second time in a year that mysql-internal fails because mariadb makes problems.

MariaDB-10.8.3 is a stable version and uses the log files to check if there are any problems. digiKam < 7.7.0 and Akonadi have deleted the log files for various reasons. The log files must not be deleted. For me it’s a MariaDB bug that it won’t start without log files. We fixed it for digiKam-7.7.0.
The problem is where to get the deleted log files from. Either from a backup, or try renaming the MySQL database directory, starting with an empty database, backing up the log files and restoring the old MySQL directory.

You can also go back to MariaDB < 10.8.x and start digiKam. After exiting, install digiKam-7.7.0 and update MariaDB again.

Hallo @dkdeveloper
Oh, your suggestion seems a bit too complicated for me. My digiKam is still 7.6.0 and I prefer to wait for the update in Manjaro Linux. It is sure to come quickly, like everything in Manjaro.
Still the question, because it is already the second error with MySQL, would the simpler version of SQLite be a serious alternative?