Discord Server for Natron

I read in the “Crowdfunding Natron 3d Workspace” topic, someone suggested creating a Discord server for Natron.
I just want to inform y’all that one already exists. It was discussed about in the Facebook group and created by Me and Fabrice. Thomas and Omar have also joined and are moderators there.

As you can see in the image, every category, channel and role has been thought of and edited properly with the help of Fabrice, Omar and a former member.

I’m thinking about doing a collab project (like a showreel for natron) there, but since its not very active at the moment, I’m gonna keep that to myself till the server has some constant activity.

Just one recommendation … for archiving important findings I would recommend moving them to a thread here or make a blog post about them.

For some inspirations see:


I’ve already got a lot on my platter as of now so if you can, please do it.

I am just an admin of the forum. I am not a natron user. :slight_smile:

I just posted this here because I saw the really helpful blog from the discourse team.

And you only have to do one thing: make it my proposal a policy on your discord server. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ll look into it in some time. Thanks.

The Invite for this Discord server has been updated due to spam accounts using the old ones.
All old invites are now invalid. This is the new and updated invite:

Note to new members:
Be sure to follow the steps you will see when you join and get a Member role otherwise you will be automatically kicked when you disconnect from Discord.