Displaying old editing history

Is there a way to display the history stack of the previous editing to an image when it is opened in RT again? I just discovered that it could have been copied to the clipboard so that I could have saved it in a document. I’d like to go back and get the history from the first, or prior, editing session.

I don’t think you can view the edit history after you leave the editing session. Only the current settings are saved.

Just tried opening it with Editor2, the text app that comes with xplorer2. It opened as a text file. So I have the history, only there is a lot more information there than what shows in the history stack. Have to wade through it.

The history is not saved, only the current state of all tools is saved.

All right. Next time I will save the history to the clipboard. Thanks for the answers.

I wonder why it doesn’t save that information. Seems like it shouldn’t be that costly. Maybe they should develop the software further.

Oh really? :wink: I also don’t really know why we don’t store the information, but it has been like this for a long time and despite numerous requests, nobody has done something significant about it.