Distro Fever VIII: The Maddening?

Still doing well with Zorin on my laptop and desktop. No major issues, and their forum has been helpful.

Well, seven days later and it’s gone. A bit too glitchy and not keen on their way.

Gone with Archcraft which I really like and is a good fit for me.

A few weeks in KDE Neon, and that’s me back in old comfortable Kubuntu 22.04 :slight_smile:

To me KDE Neon felt more like a test bed for those wanting to trial the latest and greatest KDE releases, rather than a fully fledged distro.

Ok, so on Kubuntu 22.04.2 I have KDE version 5.24.7, while on Neon it is 5.25.5

Do I really notice the differences between KDE versions? For my day to day use, not really! I’d much rather stick to a LTS based distro, which doesn’t update the entire desktop environment every few weeks, and simply use my system!

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KDE has been having some great updates and bug fixes, in this case I believe you have more to gain by updating than by staying behind. Specially as they have now frozen in 5.27 while they work on version 6 which will bring qt6 to everything. For example 5.27 brought some nice multi monitor fixes and tiling.

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I’m not convinced. I’d rather wait until Kubuntu 24.02 comes out, and use whatever version of KDE that comes with :slight_smile:

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But @Brian_Innes, then you’d just long for 25.02.
Followed by 26.02, 27.02, … … …


a good recommendation, isn’t it?

EDIT: EOS would be a good abbreviation, but ambiguous in a chat with Canon users…

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Hallo Uli!

Yes, it was a good recommendation — but since I am the Eternal Distro Hopper™,
I am presently playing with KDE Neon… :-)))))


I think you misunderstand how this works. First, LTS releases also issue security updates, which you should definitely install. Second, on most modern distros, the process is seamless and can be hidden from the user (except for the occasional restart, but live patching can solve that).

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Respectively I don’t think you understand my reasoning to use a LTS based distro which doesn’t have a rolling update to the desktop Environment / base software

I prefer a distro which just has critical / security updates over two years support, rather than dealing with too frequent updates to the Desktop Environment.

To me KDE Neon is a test bed distro for KDE developers rather than a distro for a production environment

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I can’t remember exactly what is was about KDE Neon why I didn’t use it for long. Think it was buggy at the time but that was years ago.

Apart from with Manjaro I’ve never had any issues with rolling releases breaking by themselves (I’ve broken them myself messing around plenty of times) but can see why people would rather not use them. There’s been plenty of minor breakages some of which are highly annoying but nothing that kept me from using the system effectively.

Can highly recommend ArchCraft for anyone who likes window managers or anyone who wants to give them a go, it’s the best I’ve seen them configured. It comes with openbox and bspwm, they both have multiple themes and it uses stuff from xfce to basically make it a full desktop environment. I was gutted that the installer that I used to use was no longer being maintained as that ended my distro hopping habit. Not being happy with Garuda I feared the worst :rofl: but 2nd distro lucky.

I nearly went with Mabox because I use that on an old laptop, that too is a very well configured openbox setup but previous Manjaro breakages put me off. I did a VM install of it instead. I’ll continue to look at other distros probably but it will be VMs. Is that still distro hopping? I don’t know. :rofl::rofl:

Maybe we should all get our great minds together and develop our own distro — we could call it PixlNux: The Photography-Centric OS (FOSS only, of course). :wink:

Actually, come to think of it, that’s not such a crazy idea!


Without too much effort we could maintain a set of overlays for NixOS :wink:


That would be PNTPCOS, right? (gotta have that acronym!!!) :crazy_face:

There are other topic-specific distros. I remember one for astronomy (I’ve not kept up with it) - Astronomy Linux

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Anyhoo, I missed how brisk and fast Neon was compared to Kubuntu (probably due to less bloat), so I’m back on KDE Neon, with KDE 5.27.2

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Why do you hop distros? I find that distros are rather similar these days, and hardware support is pretty comparable as well. So I mostly just stick to a sensible default and keep things stable unless there’s a specific problem.

If you distro-hop a lot, your motivations must be different. I’d love to chat about that. What’s your motivation for changing things, and what do you hope to see on the other side?


Moinchen, Bastian!

Since I originally started this thread in 2018 (Like in the Good Old Days! [Distro Fever]), I feel qualified to reply :slight_smile:

Why hop?

  • It is fun.
  • I have a certain hardware combination that vanilla distros cannot handle.
  • I have a bunch of spare SSDs, so I can try new distros without harming my main machine, so to speak. When I find a “better” distro, I use it on my main machine as well.

What do I hope to see on the other side?

  • Nirvana.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Schweden


Hi Claes-

Have you hopped on Nobara or Fedora in your journey. I wonder what you found if you did?


Hi @Marcsitkin,

Fedora? Yes, a few years ago, and it stubbornly refused to cooperate with my gfx.

Nobara? No, not yet.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

I’m liking using Vmware player, straightforward and no hassle. I’m going to try to make sure all the silly things that I try which often result in some kind of breakage are in done a VM now but I’m not promising anything.
I like looking at other distros to see how they do things, ATM it’s looking at ones with fully configured window managers.

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