Documentation: please help write the docs!

(Frédéric Devernay) #1

In the official Natron documentation, I marked as “(empty)” the sections that need to be written.
If you feel like writing one of these sections, please go ahead!

The documentation uses reStructuredText: these are text files with little markup.

If you prefer editing with LibreOffice (or even MSWord), just keep the document simple (use styles for section headers, don’t try to format too much, etc.), and use pandoc to get a first working version in reStructuredText format. This file will probably require a few touch-ups afterwards, but it is usually a good starting point.

To send your contributions, you will need to:

  • fork using your github account
  • on your fork, create a branch from the RB-2.3 branch (do not use the master branch), and give it a name like “documentation-keying” if you are ghoing to write the keying doc (which we really need)
  • to add your doc, you can either:
    • clone the repository to your computer, edit and add files, commit your changes locally (the github desktop application is easy to use), and then push your changes
    • or edit these directly on github, see tutorials-hsvtool.rst for example (you will probably need to fork the repository first, see below), and click on the pencil icon on the top right. You have the text view and can get a preview by clicking on the preview tab on top.
  • then you submit a pull request to the main repository with your branch (there is a button for this when you view your fork on github), and the Natron maintainers can either accept it as it is, or ask for a few modifications.

more details in

(Omar Brown) #2

I will tackle the keying nodes but i can install or fork any GitHub stuff to my laptop because it belongs to my university.

I will use word and Pandoc to convert.

(Frédéric Devernay) #3

You don’t need to clone your fork to your local hard drive:

  • create your rst and png files locally (using pandoc for example)
  • fork Natron on github
  • in your fork, create a new branch from the RB-2.3 branch, as explained here: , select that branch, and browse to the documentation at Natron/Documentation/source/guide
  • click “upload files” on top-right, or edit an existing file by clicking on it
  • then create a pull request

(Omar Brown) #4


Is this the link that I need to fork at I have still a lot to learn about Github.

(Mikhail) #6

Hi, I find some difference in documentation and my experience
in doc: (page 588)
#Set the After Project Created/Loaded callbacks
but in my project works
next plaсe don’t remember the page but may be example for setup project that you shered some years ago:
def addFormats(app):
app.addFormat(“Urfin2 2130x870 1.0”)
app.addFormat(“Urfin 2100x858 1.0”)

def Project_Callback(app):
app.getProjectParam(‘frameRange’).setValue(1, 0)
app.getProjectParam(‘frameRange’).setValue(30, 1)

I can help you with documentation, but I have few time. Can you write video about how correct clone repository, how change some thing in doc and how can i correct send you pull request?
I think it will be helpfull for many people
Thank you!

(Mica) #7

There is plenty about this subject already, including github’s own documentation. You can do it entirely in your web browser with githibs edit functionality.

(Mikhail) #8

thank you! It is a very simple
I add some pull request about