Does Raw Therapee support Canon R5 CR3 files? If not, then when?

CR3 files have been out for a while with Canon R. More recently the R5 and R6 came out and Raw Therapee 5.8 does not seem to work on the CR3 files they produce - at least when I tried it didn’t seem to work - I got blank white frames.

Am I wrong, and the R5 .CR3 files do work?

Or if not, when do you expect RT will support them?

CR3 is not a generic file format, each camera must be supported separately.

There has not been a new RT release since the R5 came out, so 5.8 doesn’t support it.

I suggest trying a development build.

The ART sub-branch supports CR3, I am not sure about the R5 though.

—seems EOS R5/cr3 is not supported by the current/latest LibRAW 0.20 - so ART most likely can’t do them yet—



yes it does (though some compression schemes do not work). But as @paperdigits suggested, also dev builds of RT have the same support.