Droste Effect Plugin

Hi All… I want to share my plugin from my study how to make plugins…
So basically it’s a Droste Plugins, to make this effects: 50 Stunning Examples of the Droste Effect | Webdesigner Depot Webdesigner Depot » Blog Archive

I’m using this article: http://roy.red/posts/droste/

Here is the plugin:
droste.ofx.bundle.zip (301.7 KB)

Tell me what do you think about this plugins :D…

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Congrats on building your first OFX plugin.

I’m trying to load it on Natron on Ubuntu Linux but even after I odd the unzipped folder to my plugin search paths it doesn’t show up. Should it be showing in any particular menu?

This is a MacOS OFX plugin, so unless @alijaya wants to share the source code or compile it for Linux, it won’t be very useful for you.

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@alijaya I tried it on my Mac, and it’s very cool. I noticed two issues, which are probably related to the way you handle (or not) the renderscale, and probably a wrong (or missing) getRegionsOfInterest.

btw you may also like Christian Mercat’s Conformal Webcam: https://math.univ-lyon1.fr/~mercat/CindyJS/examples/cindygl/22_webcamconf.html

Here’s a sample output from this plugin, taking a checkerboard as input

Ah yes… I build it on my MacOS, I’m still learning, I’m not sure how to build to another target from MacOS.
I want to share the code, but I’m not sure how. I start from copying the folder structure from Invert plugin in openfx-misc, and change the code from that, so the code is still in the openfx-misc, I’m not sure if I take the code out from the folder structure, all the path will be correct.
I think I will clean up the folder structure and make it a standalone plugin later.

But in case you guys interested with the code, I’ll post to my gist here: OpenFX Droste Plugin · GitHub

I see the documentation and get the idea that getRegionsOfInterest is not obligatory?
I’m not sure what is the default action if we don’t define it?

And for the renderscale, I think I have handle it, is it not correct? I’m not sure what is the mistake :-?..

the default for getRegionsOfInterest is that only the rendered area is asked from the input:

So yes, for Droste you have to implement it. A trivial solution would be to ask for the full input region of definition, if you don’t want to calculate the region.

You would also have to handle the renderscale, since parameters are given in canonical coordinates, not pixel coordinates