Droste Effect Plugin

Hi All… I want to share my plugin from my study how to make plugins…
So basically it’s a Droste Plugins, to make this effects: https://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/09/50-stunning-examples-of-the-droste-effect/

I’m using this article: http://roy.red/droste-.html

Here is the plugin:
droste.ofx.bundle.zip (301.7 KB)

Tell me what do you think about this plugins :D…

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Congrats on building your first OFX plugin.

I’m trying to load it on Natron on Ubuntu Linux but even after I odd the unzipped folder to my plugin search paths it doesn’t show up. Should it be showing in any particular menu?

This is a MacOS OFX plugin, so unless @alijaya wants to share the source code or compile it for Linux, it won’t be very useful for you.

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@alijaya I tried it on my Mac, and it’s very cool. I noticed two issues, which are probably related to the way you handle (or not) the renderscale, and probably a wrong (or missing) getRegionsOfInterest.

btw you may also like Christian Mercat’s Conformal Webcam: https://math.univ-lyon1.fr/~mercat/CindyJS/examples/cindygl/22_webcamconf.html

Here’s a sample output from this plugin, taking a checkerboard as input

Ah yes… I build it on my MacOS, I’m still learning, I’m not sure how to build to another target from MacOS.
I want to share the code, but I’m not sure how. I start from copying the folder structure from Invert plugin in openfx-misc, and change the code from that, so the code is still in the openfx-misc, I’m not sure if I take the code out from the folder structure, all the path will be correct.
I think I will clean up the folder structure and make it a standalone plugin later.

But in case you guys interested with the code, I’ll post to my gist here: https://gist.github.com/alijaya/6f8c93ce4eae760f1567b57e0f8de58f

I see the documentation and get the idea that getRegionsOfInterest is not obligatory?
I’m not sure what is the default action if we don’t define it?

And for the renderscale, I think I have handle it, is it not correct? I’m not sure what is the mistake :-?..