DT 3.6 Modules Tutorial

I’ve done a deep dive into Darktable the last few days, and I am loving this software. In many respects, it is superior to LR. With all of these modules available, I’d like to create a dropdown menu of my favorites that I can move in and out and rearrange as needed. I’m assuming this is possible, but I’m not seeing where.

Also, how can I open DT from GIMP?

Thank you!

For your first question about arrangement of modules, maybe these sections in the manual can be helpful:




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For module tutorials or explanations try https://youtube.com/user/audio2u
But start with newest episode and go back until you get a video explaining a module you want to use.
Since there were several changes in the latest releases Older videos might be outdated.
A good starting point is https://youtu.be/Fu6hoajR7WM

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Thanks guys, I’ll check out these resources.

FYI Darktable 3.6, simple working instructions needed - #56 by priort

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I saw that. Thank you!

Start GIMP and open a raw file

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Thanks, that worked. Now I just need to get it to save back to GIMP after I’m done editing. I probably need to update GIMP on my machine.

When you close darktable, the file should get sent to GIMP as an EXR file.

I updated to 2.10.22 and got this error when I tried to open a RAW file:


I see that there is actually a newer version for GIMP, 2.10.24. But, I’ve been using the Partha build (partha.com) and that’s the latest one available there. I might need to go to the GIMP site and d/l the latest one available there to see if that problem is persistent. My current DT version is 3.6.

And that seems to be the case with GIMP 2.10.24. Looks like I’ll have two instances of GIMP for the time being.

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Opening a RAW file from GIMP 2.10.24 into DT 3.6 works as advertised.

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