explanation of channel mixer working

A year ago I started using Darktable and, as many, digested all YouTube tutorials. One module stayed an enigma, the channel mixer. The DT manual on it is short and lacks background info, the tutorials vary in extent and approach: some intuitive, others mathematical. I frequently read blogs with statements as ‘I still have problems, don’t fully understand’. Some tutorials needed a second one as the first wasn’t sufficiently clear. Apparently a module hard to explain and grasp.
So I scraped all pieces of info together in an attempt to get my own head around. It took me a few weeks, but in the end I think I know how it operates. Due to the lack of background info I had to assume several mechanisms, which I deem logical (hope my educated guesses make sense).

All this resulted in the pdf attached. I hope that DT users facing the same mixer problems I as did, are helped by my approach and better understand the mixer (and its limitations).
color mixer.pdf (87.5 KB)


make it even easier…

The Channel Mixer.pdf (68.9 KB)

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