Fake website trying to scam

I got an email asking to advertise Darktable on my channel and the website they mentioned was darktable.io

Looks like a scam trying to do some phishing activity. So, just wanted to bring it to everyone’s notice.

Have a good day!


darktable.io does seem to have the same content as darktable.org. I don’t know if it’s official or not. @darix might be able to answer. Definitely goes to a different ip address.

Edit: it has a “subscribe to newsletter” thing at the bottom, which is definitely not ours.

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and a link to a privacy policy, that doesn’t exist on the original website…

The download (windows) links to a google drive page. Could have been tampered with. The domain was registered only on Dec 19th 2021 - less than a week ago. Registered to REDACTED FOR PRIVACY


BTW, even Pixls is mentioned at the bottom of tha landing page, of course linked wrongly.

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It’s hosted by Namecheap, and would be againt their AUP - can someone with official capacity report it to them via https://support.namecheap.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit/RenderForm/237

Also, it might be a good idea to report the domain as malicious at Google Safe Browsing: Report a Malware Page and Report an unsafe site - Microsoft Security Intelligence


Has anyone tried it in a sandbox yet? If I get a chance I will try it tomorrow. Someone I know gave a link to a free one https://app.any.run/

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Ok, she just showed me how to run it. The result was this error message

And here is a replay of the screenshots along the way:

Of note, it seems like darktable [dot] com is being squatted?

When I got filmulator.org I also got filmulator.com and had it redirect…

Looks like it’s down now

Did someone report it?

afaik that one is totally unrelated to darktable (the program we’re talking about here). IMHO (or better IMHM, in my humble memories) it was a website of some sort of restaurant (named “darktable”) where you eat in the dark, get served by blind people. But my memories might mislead me here…

Yes I reported them for phishing and scams.