Next Live Meeting: Sun Feb 13 18:00 UTC

Community, let’s do another live meeting on Sun Feb 13 18:00 UTC. As you may know, I love bringing people together to foster collaborative learning. :slight_smile:

Platform: Google Meet - link (Thanks @kofa (István)! Jitsi as backup).

If people don’t like it, we will use something else next time. Jitsi has been okay for me but not for others. Options were brought up in the thread, including:

A. Program:

  1. @betazoid Dreaming with Anna (post #2)
  2. @jandren Introductions and discussion of New Sigmoid Scene to Display mapping
  3. @Reptorian G’MIC scripting workflow, using Paint.NET, Krita, CMD and KDE Kate Maybe next time when your technology is working and you are more confident to present.

B. Brief Discussion:

Lounge category

Other subjects

C. Open Discussion

  1. Quick Questions
  2. Closing Remarks

I would like to try Friday 4 February. Time should be something that is not too early for North America and not too late for Europe, maybe something like 1900 UTC?

There are some topics that I “secretly” think about since a long time, maybe one could also say dreaming, because they are a matter of money, a lot of money, and sponsors… I mean it’s probably very theoretical, but why not talk about theoretical things and daydream? But, I also want to add that, I would not be suprized if I am not the first and only person here who has these ideas.

The first thing is an exhibition, maybe we could call it “The community exhibition”. I mean a real physical exhibition. The most important question here is: where?

The second idea: I think there should be a Institute or something like that, I mean a real physical place, where people can come together and spend more or less time together. Ii should work like a cultural institute or monastery, meaning there should be fellowships for year(s), months and weeks, and actual rooms with beds, and of course, lecture rooms and offices as well. And the fellows could be developers, but artists as well. The fellowships should make it possible that they concentrate exclusively on their work with/for open source photography software for some time. I don’t know, maybe such a place already exists? Maybe even several?

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Recently, we had an online meeting with the teachers of one of my kids, using something called ‘Big Blue Button’:

However, it may be quite a hassle to set it up.

There’s also; I’d be happy to sponsor a ‘Pro’ subscription for the event :slight_smile: ($6.99, up to 100 users). I do not have much experience with them (made 1-2 calls, nothing spectacular). Their privacy-centric evaluation is here: What we know about video conferencing with Whereby They have not been evaluated by (BTW, Mozilla Foundation uses Zoom: ‘Full disclosure, here at Mozilla we use Zoom and have worked closely with the company to get its privacy and security features right for us.’)

I guess Google Meet will be a big no-no for some. I could sign up and pay a month; that gives the ability to host video meetings for 100 people, so invitees can log in using a link, without a Google account. What we know about video conferencing with Google Meet and

I have a personal openmeetings server, which works quite well with a few (5-10) users. However, in theory it should also work with a larger crowd. I had never the opportunity to test this.
If you like, we could setup a testmeeting. We just need some volunteers :slight_smile:.

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This room is open for two days. Check it out and leave comments in the chat.

EDIT: New link. If only chat appears, try deleting browser cache.

Thanks @afre for thinking about me and my tinkering :slight_smile: the time and day would work for so it would be fun for top get to know some of you! Won’t give you a full blown presentation or anything like that but introducing myself and a bit of ama about the sigmoid work would work for me.

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I really like the idea of a institute :slight_smile:
You might want to take a look at filmarche in Berlin: They are a self-organized film school where you can study all “big” crafts for making movies (directing, camera, editing, producing…).
“Self-organized” means: students are obligated to take some organisational responsibilities during their course, and some of them teach there after they are finished.
Also, I thought about maybe downscaling the idea a bit for starters and maybe do some live meetings (if/when possible) where live - i.e. rent some place for a weekend, locals show people around for photo opportunities, do some editing together, that kind of stuff.
I would gladly show people around Hamburg :slight_smile:

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@Thomas_Do The room doesn’t work for me. I can only interact with the chat module. When I refreshed the page, I no longer have access to “Room 19” in the chat. Other elements are greyed out and I get 1-2 error alerts, probably because it depends on Flash, which has been expunged from the universe.

I agree with @sushey but was hoping to discuss it at the meeting. :wink:

@jandren Feel free to extend the invitation to those who contributed to your topic. Having someone to bounce off of in a friendly manner may make the “presentation” more interesting.

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Try to clear your browser cache.

So let’s stick to Sunday afternoon/evening?

I did not want to take it away from the meeting :wink: - I am just not sure I can participate but wanted to contribute, since I like the idea a lot :slight_smile:

I could only get video using Firefox. Brave, Chrome, Edge produce a black video window (Windows 10)

That’s not good. If too many people have problems with OM, we better find an alternative.

I agree. I set a tentative date and time.

You did the right thing. It is just that I would like you to come. :stuck_out_tongue:

My Firefox didn’t even ask for camera/microphone permissions. The entire viewport was darkened (greyed out), save for the chat box, which didn’t not work well either. Thanks for exploring this option.

@kofa I haven’t explored your alternatives to Jitsi yet. Could you set up something for us to try?

Alternatively, we could stream to YT from Jitsi like what @patdavid or @paperdigits did a while back. I don’t mind hosting the meeting, but it would be nice to have someone else be tech support.

I’d be glad to activate a Google Business account; it comes with a 14-day trial (limited to 10 people per call, though). However, would the others be agreeable to Big Bad Google? They won’t need a Google account to join (but I’m sure Big Brother will be happy if they do).

Folks, I just finalized the meeting plan.

Take a look at the opening post. Let me know if you:

  • have any suggestions
  • would like to change anything
  • plan on attending the meeting
  • would like to support the tech (platform, stream, recording, etc.)

Thanks and see you all very soon!

Interested to see this, any chance that it can be recorded somehow ?
(I’d be probably in vacations).

I will record and upload it like last time. To combat unforeseen technical difficulties, I hope someone else would stream or record as a backup.

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Signal has group video. No idea how well it works, and you need to have it in your phone.

There is also Jami. Supposed to be P2P Skype.

I would like people to battle test the options presented in this thread. I am afraid I have run out of time. So, I will stick with Jitsi until someone demonstrates that something works for most people.