Filmulator and Highlight Recovery

Ever since I integrated librtprocess into Filmulator as a replacement for libraw’s demosaicing, Filmulator has been without highlight recovery.

But no more!

Now, I’ve integrated RawTherapee’s excellent highlight inpaint algorithm into librtprocess, so Filmulator (and other raw photo processing software) can make use of it.

The highlight recovery slider still goes from 0-9, but currently anything 2 or above has highlight recovery enabled, and 0 and 1 are disabled. (Eventually this will change.)

Please leave any feedback you have on speed, because I want to decide whether this is suitable for enabling by default. It takes about the same amount of time as Amaze demosaicing, but for importing and the fast preview it is performed on a very small image so the speed impact should be generally small.

Additionally, I’ll figure out how to properly implement highlight clipping in the case that you don’t want the overhead of highlight reconstruction, and then I’ll release a new version of Filmulator.

Oh and also: AppImage available here.


Took me a while, but I finally added highlight clipping as the default.

At 0, clipping is enabled. At 1, clipping is disabled. At 2, highlight reconstruction is enabled.


Could you indicate what is the equivalent method in rawtherapee : blend or color propagation

color propagation

That don’t seem so.
I get with filmulator highlightrecovery =2 a correction that is more like the blend mode.
If I take an extreme exemple, the difference between filmulator hignlight recovery=2 and Rawtherapee color propagation is very noticeable

The algorithm, Carcav ported to librtprocess, is Colour propagation

Edit: I don’t know at which settiing of the adjuster it is used (ping @CarVac)

For some reason with that DNG, Filmulator gives a far less saturated result, which I wouldn’t expect given that the profiles used should be identical.

In general, though, the way Filmulator renders highlights is dramatically different from other editors.

See this play_raw: [PLAY RAW] Vulcan stone sunset

Or [PlayRaw] Yellow flowers in the sun for a more vanilla edit.

There are different settings? The argument to the function don’t include any settings.

This can explain the differences.

Note: some wires are missing in the filmulator jpeg.



For some reason, the highlight recovery isn’t doing anything for you at all.

I have more negative exposure compensation and highlight recovery is clearly doing something to the pre-Filmulation histogram. Your pre-Filmulation histogram looks like no recovery has been performed.

I also have visible wires.

I meant the Highlight Recovery adjuster in Filmulator.

Sorry, I was not using the last build :flushed:
With Filmulator_highlightrecovery_v0.7.0-173-gf40c8d8_release_Windows64
it’s ok