[PLAY RAW] Vulcan stone sunset


I’ve been cycling Iceland this summer with my girlfriend. Below is one of my favorite pictures I took on our trip. I’ve took the picture with a polarizer to get more reflections from the wet black stone and a graduated ND filter to get as much information from the foreground without burning the sky. I knew the picture will only look nice after post processing.

This is the how the RAW looks without anything applied.

I will upload my edit and xmp later, so that you have more fun while processing the image.

RAW: 2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW
License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


Very nice in-camera work!

Here is my quick take in darktable.

2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW.xmp (7.3 KB)


My attempt in darktable…

I’m using the log-input profile and colour balance modules from the development version, so the .XMP may not work.

2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW.xmp (9.6 KB)


Peeping at 100% in darktable, I’m not happy with the Sun and other most exposed regions. Versions of Mica and paulmiller are helpful, but still … (Ignoring everything else, their edits are both beautiful, just that highlight exposure. Will see, what I can do in RawTherapee.)

(Edit: paulmillers version of dt is not compatible with what I am using on Windows anyway, to be fair.)

2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW.xmp (10.4 KB)

yteaot’s version is bigger, this is what I mean:


My take in darktable.

2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW.xmp (9.5 KB)


My take using RawTherapee

2018-07-27__7M33870.pp3 (11.2 KB)


On my monitors, it has a kind of cyan regions in highlights.

EDIT: Deleting the edit, it was wrong.

My first brief and basic (not that I can do it much better) attempt with RT might look better:

2018-07-27__7M33870_rt1.jpg.out.pp3 (11.2 KB)

Yepp, I did it just by eye. The red channel in the middle of the sun in my version is about 85% while G&B are ~100% :disappointed_relieved: .

Following up with @Jacal’s observations, this is what I get from PhotoFlow with minimal processing; Rawtherapee’s result (reference image) is similar but smoother. dcraw document mode would be ideal but my version doesn’t support the raw file.

5x zoom

PS A closer look.


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Don’t be sad, Thomas! :smiley:

I’m to lazy to install Capture One Express (win/mac only, requires one more account), that, so it looks, comes free for Sony camera users, but a 100% crop of the sun would be perhaps useful for comparison. Or @asn could provide a full-sized ootc image.

I’m definitely a fan of the log-input profile, lovely edit

2018-07-27__7M33870.ARWrt.pp3 (11.3 KB)



This is a wonderful result, @age

I wonder if @shreedhar will take a whack at this, he consistently produces very nice edits IMHO.

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Nice pic @asn, thanks for sharing! Here’s my attempt – RT only, but a custom version with some stuff not (yet?) in dev


We don’t have sunsets cyberspace. The celestial machine still hasn’t been patched.

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@asn lots of space and DR :+1: Thank you :heart:
Many incredible versions including teenager eagle dreams in pink ;:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@paulmiller just PAL-GORGEOUS! (palettewette)

I know it is not very logical but I went cold & soft licking on the sunset. In despite I had managed a much more “natural” looking (i.e. the terrain near the sun is homogeneous with the one below, a general feeling of the light feels right if you want) version in darktable; I went with RT’s one =)

The whole 20 MB export direct from latest RT dev (thanks all devs and @HIRAM fro building it). The heavy shadow lifting was done with DR; did me best to throw most possible filters into image(n), eje je

2018-07-27__7M33870_jpg_out_pp3.zip (4.1 KB)

Other abandoned approaches with (my) “usual” filters / WF / BS / lazy editing


But are you happy:

with this?

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You choose:

Pretentious answer = first of all I think is a bit rude to go looking into someone else’s sun’s eyections (I was going to put “anus” but we all know the sun’s anus is in the back). Just kiddin’ coyotito. The very first thing in the beggining of the film Love after love, is Nicholas (Chris O’Dowd) answering / asking back {…} what’s happy, really? I mean it’s so arbitrary {…} I’ll just leave it there, the film is worth it IMO emo remo


Logical answer (ala spock) = in the grand scheme of things and weighing in the current (geopolitical) global situation … I could go as far as to “I can live with that”


Better than 1000 words answer =

Happines source - Pink Donut transparent PNG - StickPNG

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