Filmulator handling of backups

Yesterday, upon running out of space on my main hard disk, I finally decided what I wanted to do about handling multiple file locations in Filmulator.

In the past I had imagined having multiple locations for each file for Filmulator to search for them, but I realized that doing too much file management in the GUI of Filmulator would be too much work for me.

Instead, I just added a feature that allows you to re-import a file, but it’ll change the file location as stored in the database to wherever the new file location is. So what I’ve begun doing with my own photo collection is to rsync all my jpeg outputs over to my backup, and then re-import the raws in the backup directory. Now I can delete all the raws from my main SSD and Filmulator knows where they are now so I can still process them if need be.

The new switch is called “Update file locations”.

If you go into “Import in place” mode it shows up. Turn it on and import something, and it’ll update the file locations for any photos that are already in your database. If it comes across files that are not in the database currently, then it’ll ignore them.

If you’d like, you can enqueue them again as the file locations get changed. The “Enqueue imported photos” switch controls this as usual.

This feature is available on the replaceLocation branch on the project github.