Updated Filmulator master branch

Hello, everyone out there who uses Filmulator!

I’ve just merged the development branch into master, which brings with it several handy changes.

The first is that you get a thumbnail preview of a photo when you first select it for editing. This comes along with a small change in the editing pipeline which makes switching images slightly more responsive in some cases.

The second is being able to update the locations of files in the database. This is handy for offloading images to backups.

The last is being able to view photos from a range of dates in the Date Histogram.

On top of these were several important bugfixes, like a bug where when the queue has a lot of images, it would start to show blank images, a bug in Organize where photos sometimes would be incorrectly sorted, and a bug where in Organize there would occasionally be no images visible in the browser.

Enjoy the new features and the improved bug-free interface, and look forward to some future changes coming down the pipe!


Cool, can’t wait for it to update in my PPA.

I can’t wait for the AppImage :wink:

Congratulations to the almost impossible :slight_smile:

It’s feasible when there are almost no features…

I only wrote that because I haven’t encountered any UI bugs at all aside from the ones that were mentioned here.

It’s time to spin up the VMs now that it’s working under Qt 5.9…