"Find location" not working?


I’ve only been using darktable for a few days. Actually I only want to improve a few snapshots from my holidays and provide them with metadata. On the search for a suitable program I found 2 days ago with darktable. The training is going quite well, but I stumbled across one or the other problem.

Among other things, I unfortunately only noticed at home that I forgot to record the GPS data. I was all the more pleased that I can search with darktable apparently places and assign the picture. According to the documentation, I should be able to enter addresses and the like via “Find location” and then get a selection that I can then assign to the image. But that doesn’t seem to work. If I enter terms, places, addresses in the search field and press Enter, nothing happens afterwards. What can I do?

I use darktable 2.4.4 under Windows 10.

(Christian Kanzian) #2

There already is a thread on that

and an issue filed at



Can you please teach me, how to find the console messages on Windows? Is there such a thing or a logfile also in Windows?

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Please, excuse my short first answer, if it was offending. This was not my intention.

You can find infos how to get this log files here:

The folders are hidden and hard to find sometimes.


No problem, I didn’t take that as offensive at all. All is well. And thank you for the links, that helps me in any case.

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While this doesn’t address your need for auto-generated tags, it will enable you to at least geotag your shots in the absence of GPS data…

If you’re not concerned about exact coordinates yet can remember the general location of where the photos were taken, you can go into darktable’s map view, zoom to the location and then, drag the thumbnail of each photo to the necessary spot. This automagically geotags each photo thus placed!


Hee! Great! I didn’t know that. Thx for that tip.