FLOSS Android stack

I have been wondering how many in the community have taken the FLOSS plunge on their Android devices. OS distribution, etc. If so, which ones are you using or considering? Discuss!

Also, those who participated in A full Android FOSS raw imageing pipeline (tutorial) (@Isaac @paperdigits @Tobias …), any updates on your advice or workflows?

I’m still running LineageOS with fdroid. No google services. I don’t count on my phone for much, but OSMand for recording the GPS of my photo trips and Suntimes to tell me about solar noon and sunset. I also use OpenCamera, which is nice, but the camera on my OnePlus 5t is potatoe.

I have still my old phone (Motorola Moto Z) from 2016. The build in camera is not great and the Raw photos don’t help. So I have not investigated it more.