is dead, long live!

(Frédéric Devernay) #1

I accidentally broke, and I have absolutely no time to work on repairing it.
Luckily, @patdavid had just created the Natron category on, so let’s move our discussions here!

You can read the introductory message by @patdavid at Welcome to PIXLS.US Discussion for help on how to format messages, embed images (I don’t know about videos), etc.

There are many other great software forums on, for free and open-source software that we all love (RawTherapee, darktable, G’MIC, GIMP, Hugin…). Those are photography-oriented software, but I think that compositing is very close to photo editing (and incidentally, I often end up editing my photos with Natron).

We only have one category for Natron here, as compared to the myriad of categories on (which often ended up having only one active subject each) so please be specific when opening a topic, and edit it if necessary.
For example, all topics concerning a given plugin should start with the name of the plugin, as in “Shadertoy: how to use multipass shaders?”(*).

I was salvaging useful messages from when I broke it, and they ended up in the Natron documentation, so I don’t think the Natron users will lose anything by moving here their discussions. They will even gain a lot by gathering more information about other free graphics software.

(*) I made PyPlugs for Circular Blur (shadertoy Xd33Dl) and Octogonal Blur (shadertoy lst3Df) if you need an answer to that question. I will soon push them to

(Pat David) #2

Welcome Natron!

A couple of quick notes…

I built this place so we could bring together folks from many different projects all around the idea of photography (and cinematography!). The idea is to help cross-pollinate discussions and interactions to help and learn from each other.

To categorize your posts you can use tagging along with your subject lines. Also feel free to use the other categories as you’d like (we have quite a few based around different aspects).

One of the main reasons I started this was to remove barriers to communication and sharing. One way to help this is to not have people worry about where to upload stuff to share and discuss (pun intended). So, we’re handling all of the storage backend. Feel free to drag-and-drop any files you need to share right here in the forum (up to 100MB, but I can handle more if you need it, just ping me directly).

If you need new filetypes added to allowable uploads just let me know and I’ll make it happen!

We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out to any of the Staff for help or me any time!

(Frédéric Devernay) #3

Thanks a lot @patdavid!
And for those who don’t know, @patdavid is a long-time contributor to FOSS, and did most film emulation presets in G’MIC (with my friend @David_Tschumperle of course), which are available from the G’MIC plugins in Natron.

(G'MIC staff) #4

So nice to see you there @devernay :beers:
Welcome to this great community !

(Omar Brown) #5

Thanks for picking up the slack and offering a new oasis for Natron users.

(darix) #6

Don’t worry … we will have questions … lots and lots of questions.

So welcome to

(Glenn Butcher) #7

@devernay, welcome to!

I just installed the .deb of the current verison on my Xenial Ubuntu, comes up just fine. For those wondering, it opened my raw images with what look to be dcraw parameters, so you can reliably go from there. Between the read node and the viewer node I tried a grade node, and all worked as I would have expected. Available nodes include the G’MIC collection and OCIO transforms, so there’s a rich toolset for exploration.

I might have to try a recent PlayRaw… :sunny:


Thank you so much for having us here @patdavid !
Let’s keep Natron community alive :slight_smile:


Hurray, now I need only one login to discuss about my favourite open source programs. :wink:
Thanks Pat.

Im glad it all worked out.

(Pat David) #10

Credit where credit is due: it was @Mondayman hanging in both places that saw the opportunity for Natron to join us, and pinged me about it! :slight_smile: (Now we just need to get him to hang out in some other cinematography forums and keep tabs on where we might be able to help bring folks together! :wink: ).


Thank you Pat. :slight_smile:
I will keep my eyes open.

How about this … :wink:


Hm, for me I have to say this makes things much more easy. I was lurking on the Natron discourse for several years now (always a pinned tab), without having the initial energy to create an account. I have used Natron already for a little project (attach titles to moving objects in the video) and it worked great. I had some questions, but these were not too important, so I kept lurking. Now, I got an account to the Natron forums for free :wink:. Welcome Natron folks :smile:!


Hm, I dug deeper into 3D printing recently, and freecad has such a bad forum software … Just kidding, this is too far off at the moment, I guess :wink:.

(Kees Guequierre) #14

It’s only a 3d printed lithophane away from photohraphy :slight_smile:


Hm, checking thingiverse, this seems nowadays to be a real trend. My approach is much simpler: printing photography gear and spare parts. The first design is a holder for 2 batteries and an SD card for my little supplementary camera, but it still waits to be printed since I do not own a printer myself. I’ll show the results here when there’s something to show. And the design and freecad source files will be floss’ed as well, of course. But let’s do an iteration first, there may be some corrections required.