Welcome to PIXLS.US Discussion

Welcome to the PIXLS.US discussion!

This is a community for discussing posts from the website as well as a place for photography (and free software) enthusiasts of all levels to learn and share with each other.

The mission statement of PIXLS.US is:

To provide tutorials, workflows and a showcase for high-quality photography and cinematography using Free/Open Source Software.

This community will be what we all put into it. So let’s build something awesome!

As you take a look around the site, notice that the category called PIXLS.US is specifically for topics that come directly from the website (blog posts and articles). Replies in those topics will show up embedded on the website (it will look just like comments).

###@ Mentions
If you need to poke anyone by name, you can use @-mentions, so if you want to get the attention of Pat David, you can simply mention his username: @patdavid.

Formatting Posts

The editor accepts Markdown for formatting. Some simple examples:

*emphasis* = emphasis
**bold** = bold
[link text](http://link-url) = link text

* list item
* list item 2

  • list item 1
  • list item 2

The editor also does “oneboxing”, so links alone on a line will try to create a nice snippet automatically:


will produce:

This also works nicely with sites such as Flickr:



As well as 500px:


The Main Site & Blog

Of course, the main website is PIXLS.US.
You can follow the PIXLS.US blog to keep up to date on the status of things.
We also have an IRC channel: #pixls.us on irc.freenode.net.

There’s a Github organization to share code and assets for promoting/presenting on Free Software photography.

You can find the forum FAQ/Guidelines here.

FAQ/Guidelines link doesn’t work.

It works for me.<\del> It’s pointing here:

Thanks for catching that. I had to move it out of the staff category. :slight_smile:

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It’d be nice to mention the GitHub community and it’s projects as being a place to contribute!

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Thanks for building the site. I’ve been an ardent Foss/video person for about 18 mos, and it’s been very challenging. For starters, I had to buy specific equipment to use Free formats, such as MJPEG. But, I’ve managed to find some jewels in the software and hardware arena that enable the FOSS idea, and actually work pretty well. I have a Pentax K5 II, which uses the free MJPEG format, in full HD, and I make great use of blender for color grading.

I was unaware of Natron, which I’ll be trying soon. This site has broadened my arsenal quite a bit already. Thanks!


There must be some convenient hooks built into the forum software upload function to work with. Once on the server it isn’t hard to knock the size down from the temporary buffer it Uploads to, before writing it out to disk. I’ve done this with my own codes more than once. If file suffix in ( a list of raw formats ) leave the upload as is for use by the PLAY_RAW crowd, else if in (jpg or png) knock it down to…what ever seems best.

I’m trying to figure out how one can subscribe to a certain thread to get email notifications of new posts? I’m getting notified of new posts in the thread I started, but what about subscribing to some other threads? :blush:

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Just discovered PIXLS.US through librearts.org (formerly libregraphicworld) but I don’t really get it.
What is it exactly ? Is it a kind of disqus oriented arts with opensource software?

sorry for the dumb question.

It’s just a photography discussion website and forum focused on open-source software.

Do not confuse “discuss.pixls.us” with Discourse (the software that the forum runs on) or Disqus (an unrelated comment-managing service) or Discord (an unrelated chat service).

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Yes, I was mainly thinking about disqus, as I have seen integration pixls.us comments in another website (actually librearts)

But yeah, I didn’t notice the sub domain discuss. my bad.

Thank you for the info, though!

From https://librearts.org/2021/01/introducing-libre-arts/:

The comments section is hosted by discuss.pixls.us , so you need an account there. I feel a lot better about using a system hosted by friends rather than something like Disqus.

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We host the comments for digikam.org, librearts.org, darktable.org, rawtherapee.com and the pixls.us blog.

We are the official support forum for rawtherapee, gphoto2, siril, and others :slight_smile:


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