Frozen pond & double file (RAF + DNG)

The files below are:

  1. original uncompressed RAF from Fujifilm X-H1
  2. the same file processed as DNG from DXO Pure RAW

so you can compare and check if there are any limitations because of munching the raw to linear dng.

Base ISO, no cliping (except for the lightbulb on the left), white balance set in-camera to “Daylight”.

XH1F5642.RAF (48.2 MB)

XH1F5642-RAF.dng (92.3 MB)

These files are licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.


Rt. 5.9
XH1F5642.jpg.out.pp3 (13.5 KB)


It’s so calm. Like it very much.

XH1F5642.RAF.arp (15.7 KB)

XH1F5642.RAF.xmp (18.3 KB)


Because of the invariant ISO, Fuji would have to be my favourite camera that I don’t own. Maybe one day I will get to buy one for low light photography, but how many cameras can one person own?

XH1F5642.RAF.xmp (14.0 KB)


XH1F5642.RAF.xmp (14.6 KB)


I have again opted for a soft and dreamy expression to counteract the coarseness of the scene and to reinforce the wintry atmosphere with fog:

XH1F5642.RAF.xmp (16,2 KB)


What is the perceived advantage of processing the RAW into a DNG file? I noticed the DNG has cropped a lot of the image.

Nice image! I used the original raw file. It’s half again larger than my Canon 24mp raw files and the DNG was 3x as large (plus it’s cropped at least some).

Here’s my mangling of it :slight_smile: in ART 1.21.24

XH1F5642.RAF.arp (26.5 KB)

Major ops:

  • Straighten horizon and crop
  • Tone Equalizer, highlight reconstruction
  • Spot removal - Removed the bright light above the left hand bank and a few errant tree limbs on the right.
  • Vignette
  • Resize and very light RLD output sharpen
  • LA Texture Boost/Sharpening to the lower foreground (gradient mask) for a tiny bit of sharpen
  • LA Color/Tone Correction
    • Color grading - Warmed up mid / highs and moved shadows to less intense blue
    • Gradients to sky and lower foreground
    • Perked up the orange horizon glow just a tad
    • Brought up the deepest shadows an almost imperceptible amount
    • With a soft transparent brush mask, flattened the contrast on the far short to simulate mist
  • LA Smoothing - Using a copy of the same mask as for the mist, I added a 126 pixel luminance Gaussian blur to hopefully enhance the mist.

With the blue tone and orange afterglow, I had to be careful not to end up with the duotone color grade so popular in sci-fi cinema.

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XH1F5642.RAF.xmp (18.0 KB)


With ART 1.21

XH1F5642.RAF.arp (11.8 KB)

Greetings. Roberto


Yet every now and then I wonder: "How would it look like if I shot it with Nikon D850 at ISO64 :yum:

Pure RAW uses the DXO’s engine to demosaic & denoise the image with their algorithms, removes optical flaws such as chromatic aberrations, loss of sharpness, vignette and distortion.

This gives good results even in extremely noisy images and as a side effect, Darktable has to work less and doesn’t kill my computer (I don’t have to wait few seconds after every click), as the most compute-demanding task had already been done.

It’s because my lens has a big barrel distortion, and after correcting it in software, the edges must be cropped.

Thank you everyone for taking part in playing so far! :slight_smile:

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I love this beautiful picture!

frozen-pond.jpg.out.arp (11.1 KB)
I loved how this edit intrigued me.
Thank you for the practice :pray:


Nice picture :slight_smile:

XH1F5642.RAF.xmp (19.0 KB)

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I can’t decide which version I like more … warm or cold

XH1F5642_RT.jpg.out.pp3 (16.7 KB)

XH1F5642_RT-1.jpg.out.pp3 (16.7 KB)


My version…

XH1F5642.RAF.xmp (22.9 KB)


It’s all nice, however I’m leaning towards those blueish, moody styles which accentuate really frosty dawn (about -16°C) :pray:

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My edit with darktable 4.6.0
I set a more realistic white balance as I liked the colour of the sky.


My Fun with GIMP L-a-b