Fujifilm dilemma

I’ve decided to get a more compact digital camera, compared to my current Canon EOS80D (which I love), for those situations where I’d prefer to have more compact and somewhat less complicated machine (e.g use the JPGs directly).
But to tell the real truth, I probably just want a Fujifilm, since I’ve been curious about getting one since a while. :laughing:

Here is my dilemma:
The new X100V (when it will be available)
X-T30 with Fujinon XF 35mm/f1.4

– Time is not a problem (I can wait for the X100V)
– Money is not critical for the decision, either (I’m prepared to spend the extra for the X100V, if it’s worth it).

Since I can’t make up my mind, I’m curious to hear thoughts and recommendations here on the forum.
What would be your pick and why?

Bonus question… since I’d be totally new to Fuji: are the RAWs well supported (I use darktable and RawTherapee)?

Are you aware that these have different focal lenghts? The X100v has a 23mm/f2.
I’d recommend a X-T2 for the better controls and body-rigidity if that is somehow important in comparison to the newer sensor of the X-T30. Apart form that, X100V and X-T30 are different cameras conceptually, only you can decide.

I come from a Canon 40D and SL1/100D and my X-T1 is roughly as small as the 100D. jpegs SOOC are shockingly great compared to Canon. I think the RAWs are well supported, prepare for slightly longer demosaicing times.

Oh yes!


Wait for the X-T4. It will be announced in 12 days.

That will drive down the prices for the X-T3.

Your shooting style is the first thing you should consider. As you know, the X100V has a fixed 23mm lens. It’s great for street, “casual” photography. The X-T30 has interchangeable lenses, offering you the choice of focal length. Adding a 23mm lens to it would give you almost the same combo as the X100V, albeit bulkier. But you gain the possibility to go much wider, or much longer, by acquiring other lenses down the line.
So, I’d say if you’re a casual/family/street photographer and don’t care so much for other more specific styles, go for the X100V. But if your style isn’t fixed, if you plan to explore landscape photography, portrait, astro, birding, etc… The X-T30 with a 23mm lens would be a better start for you.

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Regarding raw support, no problem. And I’d add that RawTherapee is often considered as being able to get the most out of the Xtrans sensor even compared to commercial software

I prefer a camera where more lenses can be used, so for me it will be X-T30

RAW’s all well supported (better than some very famous commercial options I would say …)

Thanks a lot for all the replies thus far :wink:

So, it seems that one of the most common comments regards fixed vs. interchangeable lens, which I totally get.
I didn’t mention that it would not be a big issue for me. I do have a reasonable arsenal for my 80D and I can cover all the flexibility with that, for now.
The Fuji would be a playful addition to my gear (always with me, ideally), but the work horse would still be the 80D.

The fact of having a fixed lens is actually intriguing me.
In fact, initially I was set on the X-T30, mostly by the compactness, I’d say, and I thought it was a great way to explore Fuji world. Then the bug of the X100V got somehow stuck into my brain and now I can’t decide :pensive:
The X100V has also the hybrid viewfinder, which I never used and it sounds very interesting (half of my photography is analog, I’m attracted by different viewfinders…).

So, all in all, I know I sound unstable :smile: but I probably just need some inspiration to tip me one side or the other.

Please, keep dumping your thought here, about use cases, opinions, perks and quirks, life stories… whatever :smile:
All would certainly help me.

Thanks a lot!

(and it’s great to know about the RAW support! I didn’t have doubt but now that I hear that is so heartwarming)

I second these comments. Also, is this new camera your primary camera or a secondary “fun” camera. If the former, I’d go X-T30, X-T3 after X-T4 released, or even X-T200.

A couple years ago I was shooting a Nikon D7100, wanted a smaller rig, picked up a X-T20 with a couple of cheap-o XC zoom lens. About 1/3 weight and size of my Nikon, and blown away by how fun it was to shoot and how good the image quality was. Lighroom sucked as their demosaic of raws were awful, and the new details method they rolled out was jnot much better. That’s what led me to darktable. Now I want to learn rawtherapee too, plus I feel better about donating a good chunk of what I spent on LR to the dt and rt developers and instructors.

I’ve been trying to find an MTF chart for the X100V, as its sleek retro look has me hooked. But I can find one. I’d like to know more about the lens on it. The X100 series is know for being a “camera where specs don’t matter” :joy::sob:

I missed these comments in my previous reply. I understand your dilemma now as the 100 series does look like a very fun pocketable camera. Any camera stores near you that will let you rent one for a day? I would recommend trying to find raws from both cameras and playing with them. Many people love x-trans but there are also those who have gone back to bayer.

I’m happy you understand my dilemma :smile: I’m probably not crazy (or not the only one…).

Yeah, very good point. There’s a shop close by that should have the X100F for rent, so it would be a good thing to try the feeling.

I know, I’ve heard the same things… but it also seems that it gives nice emotions… and according to what I’ve seen thus far about the X100V (on DPReview, for instance), it should be quite an improvement and the lens redesigned.

I’ve read this as well… But how much better?? :wink: an mtf chart would help. I’d also want to know if it is sharper than my 23mm f2. If it isn’t, an X-T3/4 might be in my future :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But that wouldn’t be much more compact that the 80D, I fear…
I agree though, some MTF details would be nice.

Do not forget EOS-M series. I am considering Canon M6 Mark II for pocketable camera. With 22mm F2 pancake a much more dependable camera than Ricoh GR IMO. Fuji X100V body is larger and heavier and I liked M6II handling more. It’s actually amazing how nice such a small body felt.

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Agreed, though there’s still one thing missing: The raw CA-correction in foss raw-converters (don’t know about commercial converters) does not work for xtrans. You have to rely on lensfun profiles for CA-Correction for xtrans.

I totally see your point. I’m a long time Canon user (and fan :wink:).

However, I’m curious about the Fujifilm world, so the question for me now is “where to get in?” :grin:

Where I am (Germany) it is possible to rent for a few days cameras and lenses. This is what I did.
After I tested for almost one week the X-T20 and a few lenses, I sold all the Sony gear, bought an X-T2 kit and that was it.
My main motivator was not ‘Sony is BAD, Fuji is GOOD’ but ‘I want a smaller and cheaper system where the quality is close to FF’.


Yes, also in Switzerland that’s a possibility :wink:

I’ve rented a X100F for the weekend (a spontaneous get away in Paris) and I have to admit it has a great feeling. But thus far I didn’t look at the pictures yet (except through the camera screen itself, so I can’t judge yet.
I’m especially curious about the film simulations. If they produce interesting JPGs I may fall in love…

Next weekend I guess I’ll try the X-T30 as well.

Thanks for the advice :wink:

Oh no! You are supposed to shoot RAW.
Then use Film simulations/cubes/LUTs/HaldCLUT &c.
But: can’t you simulate already now, without having the
camera in question? Which is your favourite developer:
darktable or RawTherapee?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden