Fujifilm EXR "SN Mode" raw files

In version 5.6 of Rawtherappe, in Demosaicing a new option appears within Sub-image. Now, in addition to 1 and 2, the “SN Mode” option appears. What does this new option mean? Does a mixture of images 1 and 2 type HDR?

“SN Mode” is a mode in some Fuji camers to record EXR .raf files. The metadata shows that it stands for “SN (Signal to Noise priority)”, but the camera refers to it just as “SN Mode”.

I have yet to add this to the documentation.

Thanks, Morgan. Normally I combine the two images of the RAW file from the X-TRANS sensor with the LUMINANCE program. I thought that this mode gave the same result, but it gives different results, since some white pixels have a pink color that I have to compensate with CHANNEL MIXER.

I have no experience with these sort of raw files, but judging by your description, try the “raw white points” slider in the “Raw” tab, it might work better.

@heckflosse knows more.

These are raw files with 2 frames where exposure of both frames is the same but exposed to different locations on the sensor (roughly shiftet by 1 pixel hor. and vert.)

Thank you. I know this. But my question is how does this Mode merge both pictures?

(Frame 1 + Frame 2) / 2

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Docs updated:


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