FujiFilm X-T5 - camera support

Hi all, I’m new to the forum.

My new Camera is an X-T5 and I do my first steps with darktable. (I’m coming from lr6.14 and like darktable very much; why didn’t I deal with this much earlier?..)
Could you please add the FujiFilm X-T5 to the supported profiles? I have uploaded three files and hope they have the correct format.

Thanks in advance

Welcome…this is not the place for this… camera support is via rawspeed…

Details here on the process

ok, thanks and sorry
can you please move it there?

Make your request here and upload what is required…


Maybe better here or as well…


I think the x-h2 is the same sensor so you could tweak the camera.xml file I believe and clone the entry. then edit the text as you see it for the x-h2 and use the correct name for the x-t5…

Its a work around and I think you might have to correct it after any updates until it is mainstream but I think that should work…

Edit… I think this will work… just edit this text after making a duplicate entry

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i did it - and it works
you made my day!

merci beaucoup!

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Make sure you shoot uncompressed or lossless though. The lossy/non-lossless compression is not yet supported in dt, like for any recent Fujifilm camera…

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thanks for the hint, I prefer “lossless compressed”

Please still submit samples to raw.pixels.us, that’s how we get official support and keep things working.

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