Fujifilm X100VI support

If I get the X100VI now, will I (at best) have to wait until 4.8 this summer until raw files can be opened in darktable?

You can use a build from master as soon as support is added. Since it looks to have the same guts as the X-T5, hopefully the raw files are similar and adding support is trivial.

We needs samples to https://raw.pixls.us


I just downloaded a sample raw for the X100VI from DPReview. I own the X100V myself, but I don’t plan to upgrade. The X100VI files seem to work in DT, but you have to add it to camera.xml. It likely needs samples for white balance and noise profiles as well.


Sounds great! I’m almost 100% Flatpak version for GUI apps, so would rather not the master builds.

Yeah, should be exactly the same sensor so I guess the X-T5 noise profiles should work aswell.

I’m on the FinePix X100 myself. :slight_smile: The FinePix X100 was their first (and last?) bayer sensor X100. Have been holding out for them to leave the snake oil X-trans CFA, but it seems it will not happen and it looks like I’m caving in. X100V is an option as it’s in stock now, but 4K 60p and IBIS is reeling me in. A bit worried that the VI (due to the IBIS) will be less resistant to bumps when mountainbiking. That’s my only gripe about it.

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How do you find the original X100 holds up in this day and age? I remember reading a very enthusiastic review in Camera magazine here in Australia when it came out.
It was probably pretty much the first of the breed of big sensor ‘compacts’ for want of a better word, quite aside from the special viewfinder and so on.

I’ve wondered about looking for a cheap (er) early model, but haven’t been sure if it’d be worth it…

I have a X100T. I love using it on days out with my family. The image quality is not the same as my D750 but i would never sell the Fujifilm. I mostly shoot jpegs on the Fuji and love to play with the film simulations. I love to have a choice between these two cameras. My nikon big, heavy and with loads of lenses to choose and on the other hand the X100 without the choice of lenses and what not. But i am not sure what cameras you already own. So i dont know if this helps you.

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Surprisingly well. I’ve owned two. The first one I got on the release day. Fujifilm released it before firmware was usable and the AF sucked bad for a long time. I sold it. Got it again after I tried a friend’s X100 with the latest firmware. Lost money on Fujifilm selling me an unfinished product (kaizen is apparently what they called it). I have the limited edition black one now.

There’s not much room for cropping of course. The X100VI 50 mm crop mode at 5472x3648 px is an extra ~1500 pixels on the longest side compared to the native resolution of the FinePix X100. I’d like that. Also, darktable makes it very apparent how limited the dynamic range is compared to A7 III dynamic range monster. sigmoid has made it easier to get a gentle roll-off in the highlights. That’s usually more important than having no clipped highlights.

FinePix X100, A7 III, A7S III and M200 (with 22 mm f/2.0). Me and the X100 go way back, I know that I’d like it. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Interesting… definitely a classic camera (or will be).

I’m not sure if @jjbraun’s question was for me - that would be a long list for this thread. But my main cameras are, in order of most used, Nikon D750, Sony Nex5R, Pentax K10d and Olympus EM5ii.
A very varied bunch… :sweat_smile:

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maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t think IBIS in a camera with a fixed 23mm lens is going to be particularly useful… maybe for video, but there are much better platforms for that, even with the addition of a flippy screen.

I still have my X100S, the image quality is still lovely obviously, but the auto focus is a bit of a joke. It works, but meh - it would be alright if the manual focus ring wasn’t garbage as well.

Still has a part to play with the leaf shutter and built-in ND. The whole series is a wonderful idea, it’s just a shame they didn’t put more time into the manual focus, makes me prefer an X-T or X-Pro setup with old rangefinder lenses instead.

An X-Pro1 or even an X-E2 would probably be more functional picks IMO.

edit: and just to add onto the camera journey stuff, I got started with a D3200, went to an X100S, then a D700, and now an X-T3. The D3200 is the only one I got rid of. I absolutely love my chunky D700, but the X-T3 is just so much easier to take out and get a shot with.

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Thanks for the input!

Maybe for subject-motion blur without a tripod? Not sure tbh.


For stills, I agree.

About there being better platforms for video… For some things video — yes (I use the A7S III for that). For the documentation of my everyday life and those around me, it looks like a dream. I mean, I will already be carrying it for stills wherever I go (like I do with the FinePix X100 or M200). IBIS could be a game changer here. BUT! We’ll see about that in practice. Current crop of “reviews” consists of Fujifilm influencers spewing out their unapologetic praise for this camera. It’s a small space to cram in IBIS, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

It means you’ll be able to hand hold a pretty slow shutter speed. If it has 5 stops of ibis, you should be able to hand hold a half second shuttler speed and still get a good image.


true, I have to admit it would be good to have a camera with me all the time again… I wonder how well it eats batteries? I like having two spares with my X-T3.

I guess, perhaps it’s just a failure of imagination to assume I’m never actually going to need that.

You might not, but easy to see why others would :man_shrugging:

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well that’s exactly what I meant, yeah.

Having just recently replaced my X-T3 with a new X-T5, I tend to agree. My main lens is the 23 f/1.4, which is bright enough to keep the shutter spreed high, and my subjects are typically too mobile to let it drop anyway.

It’s a bit early to tell, but the IBIS does not appear to have made an appreciable impact on my keeper rate. I didn’t loose many pictures to camera motion anyway.

The new human face/eye tracking on the other hand, has already impacted my keeper rate significantly. It’s just that much more confident at holding on to my subjects, and needs a bit less active effort on my part with focus point movements. I wonder how that interacts with the OVF, though. Do the tracking-AF modes engage at all in OVF mode?

The 40 MP, I have not been impressed by, yet. I suppose it’s nice to have, but at the end of the day, it’s a mere 25% increase in linear resolution, which is barely even noticeable.

Speaking of my journey, I went from a Nikon D3000 to D7000, then Fuji X-E1 to X-E3, then X-T2 to X-T3 to X-T5. As a sidekick, I tried every compact under the moon, including the RX1, X100T, and LX100, but didn’t get along with any of them. If they’re too big for pockets, I might as well take an ILC. What stuck was the Ricoh GR III, because it does fit into pockets.

Is that the 23mm f/1.4 LM WR or 23mm f/1.4 R?

If the latter, have you tried a lens that Fuji says can resolve the full 40mpx?

Every lens can resolve 40 MP. Stopped down, in the center of the frame, at middling focal lengths. My (old) 23mm sure isn’t critically sharp in the corners wide open. But I don’t tend to put my subjects there.

Also, I find sharpness way overrated as a measure of quality. What counts is the emotional impact of an image. I value a smooth focus transition, a pleasing, uniform bokeh. Good ergonomics and handling. All modern lenses are sharp enough for me.

Perhaps I’m weird.


That’s a lot of words to say “no.” But I guess you can carry on being unimpressed by the sensor.

I got my fujifilm x100vi last week and I could contribute many raw files to https://raw.pixls.us/ (in fact I already did). Happy to keep contributing specific files that can help people know more about this model. Right now darktable basically tells me that this camera is not supported (obviously) and the raw files look washed out with generic viewers.