Fun with prawnsushi

Giving some love to fx_tree and light_rays

Gotta make those trees less random though.
Add faking backlight on them, huh… that’s another story.


Never thought that this would be a thing. But, that looks totally awesome!

Why not?

Added some poissondisk and spread, just because…?


What a silly question: I like it!
:deciduous_tree: Deserves its own thread and/or filter.

Thanks :slight_smile:
It’s just a draft for now, i find it really rough visually. I need to organize things a bit.

Filter, probably, but it’s just using already available filters. It’s more a ‘composition’ than a filter i think? Such a big word though.
Thread? i’d rather not. What am i going to say about it? So i made this stupid thing that tries to create generic wallpapers that you can find anywhere already.

So? Things build on things. Ultimately, every pipeline we write resolves into an incredible skein of built-in commands. So what if you write some filter based on some other filter(s)?

However you made these, I like them a lot. Keep on having fun.


I second this, having a new filter in the plug-in that renders this kind of images randomly would be truly awesome!

Case in point: Construction Material Texture. That’s made with community filters.

More of the same, but actually a lot has changed.

  • Background gradient
  • Trees params
  • removed poisson disk noise and used point instead, with varying opacity (could use ellipse maybe to vary size)
  • Number and color of light rays (here, random colors, just because)
  • Position of light rays (here random). Will probably add a “dot” selector in the GUI?

Render time : 5s @ 1500x700

Will have to define a few model of trees.
Maybe make a tree generator if i can (huh…hum… good luck me) because this one is very polygonal all the branches seem to end at the same distance (see the tree near the middle in the last image), so some trees look really “round” (where’s the gardener?). It would be better if some would stick out more.


This is beautiful, really beautiful. No words to express how it is.

Thanks. I still think it should directly be in the start here page though.
Well anyway i have it bookmarked now.

- Gary… Gary… Are you sure the input page is back there!?

You don’t need French to do that. Just give me an addition to solve.

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I wonder if you can implement sky and ground. That would make it a step up. I can see myself using this for book covers.

Yes, but later. It will probably break the light rays though.
And that would make hundreds of GUI sliders :open_mouth:
Gotta go the multi filter way i guess

I like this “underwoods” version.

I like the original two back lit tree results. The latter ones do not appear natural, the light being more suitable for:


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Yes, for now i’m using ${-rgb} to get random colors to get different ambiances (Because i’m seeing this stuff every 10s … don’t want to get bored of it yet). And there are multiple light rays of different colors. Personnally, i’m more of a B&W guy.

In the end, it’ll be the user’s choice of course. If i can make the sliders work, that is.

What I mean is that I see two filters in progress: one for tree/forest generation and the other for back/silhouette lighting.

That could happen if there was a party people silhouette generator in G’MIC.
I’m not going to write that any time soon :man_shrugging:

Trying to get the lighting right, as it is often wrong.
But i think it’s the tree arrangement that is wrong.
Need to figure out where they are placed compared to the light rays before applying light effect :thinking:


@prawnsushi , I don’t see anything wrong here, you got amazing outcomes.

@David_Tschumperle Well, if you look carefully, you ill see some trees/branches seem to be lit from below (1st image).
Sometimes they are also lit from the right when the light is at their left, etc. I actually light each tree individually.
I have to come up with some placement recipe first i think. Or just separate it from light rays in the GUI; that would save me some headache :face_with_head_bandage:.

Well, still a lot of work to be done anyway, since i keep writing it that way or that way, etc.
Hopefully i remembered i had made a mod of deform last year, this made the trees look less angular.
Sometimes some branches look thinner at the base than the end… or it might just be trees overlapping.