Generating true 16 bit HDR image (no tone mapping)

Has anyone succeeded to make the true 16 bit HDR image (without tonemapping) with Luminance HDR or any other SW. Like these my picture created with Photomatix Pro Dropbox - Kuhna12.tif - Simplify your life Use Lightroom or RawTherapee for opening and then change Exposure compensation -5 to +7Ev.

Have you tried HDRMerge? It only merges files to HDR and all other editing must be done in another application.

Have a look at this tutorial:

It work realy great, at least with my sample pics.
Problem is, that I can’t run batch in cmd. Command >hdrmerge --batch -a -g 10 --no-crop *.cr2 do nothing. I put my cr2 raw pictures in same folder with hdrmerge.exe. -g 10 is for gap.
hdrmerge --batch -a --no-crop IMG_1018.CD2 IMG_1019.CR IMG_1019.CR work, but program treminate in unusual way withot HDR file creation. I’m using HDRMerge 0.5.0

Why not save an *.exr file (or 32-bit tiff) out of LuminanceHDR prior to tonemapping and open it with Gimp directly? KISS usually works best.

Which OS and which version of HDRMerge are you using? Did you get it form a package manager, or compiled it yourself?

Win7 64 HDRMerge 0.5.0 from installer

@Mike_Bing I want to open pictures in LRTimelapse.

If you are referring to the release found on GitHub, that one is ancient with limitations and bugs. You need a more recent version. Try here: Not exactly nightly. If you want the actual latest commit, just poke @gaaned92.
is uploaded

warning: HDRMerge v0.5.0 is displayed in the window header. It has no meaning regarding the actual version.

It would be cool if the version number could be displayed in the window title… I won’t ping the usual suspects; you know who you are, devs. :wink: