GIMP AppImage (continuous integration)

Both and (standard install from Majaro)

Hi Mica,

I have prepared a new test version of the appimage, hopefully with a more portable fix for the issue you have on your system. Would you mind to give it a try? The file is in the usual location.


Of course, I’ll test it when I get home this evening; its only 15:18 PST :slight_smile:

Yes, this is still working for me @Carmelo_DrRaw.

A note: when using G’MIC in GIMP 2.8 in Debian, I’d select “New Layer” as “Output” and the resulting layer would have the filter name and slider values as the layer name. This was really useful and helped me a ton when coming back to a file that I hadn’t edited in a while. I’ll also sharpen and image with like 5 different settings and pick the best one. Perhaps @David_Tschumperle knows something about it?

@patdavid: can you pass along the word that “Help” > “Search and Run a Command” is an absolute game changer. I don’t even go to the menus anymore, I use that hotkey whenever possible. Fantastic. :+1:

Very good, thanks for checking!

I have just uploaded a new version of the GIMP AppImage, and updated the link in the Community Software page accordingly.

This new version comes with the following improvements:

  • all packages updated to recent git sources
  • G’MIC sources updated to post-1.7.6 version
  • added the gutenprint plug-in
  • (hopefully) improved integration with different distributions

Please let me know if you encounter any issues with this new version, that still has to be considered rather experimental…

It works! (with some difficulties with, but…)
My problem with heal selection remains.
Thanks !!

I’ve just uploaded a new update with G’MIC 1.7.7

Concerning the heal selection tool, I will look into that in the next days… it looks like some incompatibility between your python versions and the supplied plug-ins.

Hi, I have RHEL6 at work, which only has GLIBC 2.12, not 2.15 like the package requires. Would it be possible to build it with glibc 2.12 compatibility, perhaps by building on CentOS 6 or with LibcWrapGenerator?

This should be definitely possible, and probably better than building on Mint 17 as I am doing at the moment.

I will look into that during the next days, and keep you informed here.

I don’t understand that. Why is it necessary to use such old libraries? Even glibc 2.18 was released more than 3 years ago…

The newest AppImage, 2016-09-21, fails for me on my apparently hard-to-please Debian Jessie system.

I have also put a link to an alternative version, which used to work on your system… did you try it as well?

Ah no, I had just downloaded it from the link you posted above. I’ll test it tomorrow.

GLibc is not included in the AppImage bundle. So, when running, the application will use the glibc version provided by the host system.

However, the AppImage is only compatible with systems whose GLibc version is equal or newer than the one for which the AppImage was built. Hence the need to build it on relatively old systems, and eventually compile from sources the libraries that are not recent enough (like LCMS and LensFun).

Is this standard 2.9.5 or Elle Stone’s version?

Standard version.

I am planning to prepare packages for Elle’s version as well, probably some time during next week… or even sooner if you are interested.

What’s the diffrence between the two?

Elle’s version has some much improved support for working colorspaces other than sRGB, and particularly for editing in linear gamma colorspaces… in many places, the standard GIMP simply assumes that the pixel data are in sRGB colorspace.