GIMP AppImage (continuous integration)

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #342

Just to make sure there are no further misunderstandings, what do you mean exactly by “install”?

The appimage should just be downloaded, made executable and executed, nothing needs to be really installed…

That said, I indeed had troubles in the past under Debian, which I could not yet investigate in detail. I will try to get back to this issue a soon as possible…

(Joan Rake) #343

that’s what i’ve done several times to no avail.

(Joan Rake) #344

abandoned debian for antergos; g’mic freezes on a second command instead of crashing.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #345

I need to check if running gimp trough a debugger would work to spot problems inside a plug-in… it should. If it works, I will prepare a debug version of the appimage and possibly ask you and/or @paperdigits to run some tests…

I have no other ideas for the moment.

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(third account, fakebook locked the one i signed in with because the folks at the CIA hate me)

would gdb work (as in: getting it to follow the g’mic binary)?

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okay, what i don’t understand is that i have to keep checking back here and making a comment to see if anything is happening regarding this matter. it’s concerning for me.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #348


I am still trying to embed gdb in the appimage, but then I got sick and so I’m delayed… I will post here as soon as I have something, and you will be automatically notified…

(Hewpow) #349

This appimage is a piece of crap, it doesnt work in Antergos

(Mica) #350

Please keep in mind that the AppImage (and well gimp too) is made by a volunteer in their free time and out of their extreme kindness they’ve shared it with us.

If you’re interested in having it run Antegros, we’ll certainly help troubleshoot the problems.

Please keep your disparagements to yourself.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #351

In fact, the AppImage is potentially a piece of crap on any system on which it has not yet been tested :wink:

The AppImage, as crapy as it might look, is a quite sophisticated thing… shortly speaking, it is a minimal, self-contained system that provides an executable as well as most of the libraries needed for running it, such that it can be executed independently of the system libraries in the host distribution.

The caveat is mainly in the “most of the libraries” part: the AppImage still relies on few system libraries, which cannot be bundled. And sometimes this causes troubles…

Could you post the terminal messages that you get when trying to run the AppImage? It would be also great if you could check if the AppImage fails when run from an Antergos Live image, as this would simplify the testing from my side (no need to install yet another distribution on my HDD).

That’s the beauty and pain of the OpenSource way of collaborating:

Release -> Test -> Fix -> Enjoy!!!


@Carmelo_DrRaw :clap: Wow! What a great response to such a rude post, you are an example to us all.

(Edgardo Hoszowski) #353


I just downloaded the GIMP AppImage and so far the only issue that I have is that I cannot make it to load the gmic_gimp_qt plugin. I copied it to .config/GIMP-AppImage/2.9/plug-ins but I can only see the Gtk plugin that is shipped with the AppImage.

The Qt version is not supported on this GIMP version or I’m doing something wrong?

(Mica) #354

I believe the AppImage would need to be rebuilt to include the new G’MIC version. I don’t think you can just add binaries to an AppImage, as all the libraries are statically linked together.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #355

As @paperdigits already correctly pointed out, the AppImage can only use binary plug-ins that have been bundled into it and compiled together with the rest of the bundled GIMP libraries… at some point I will start including the QT version of G’MIC, but it will still take a few weeks until I will have the time to work on that.


Run the appimage from a terminal and see what is reported.

Two instances, and there might be more with your installation.

There are missing resources, this for gmic_qt

There are duplicate plugins and the one in your Gimp profile is ignored.

It is also a matter of philosophy. Should the appimage come pre-loaded with scripts and plugins that might or might not be required or should it be a ‘vanilla’ version. There are many existing compiled plugins that do work with an appimage, and of course should work providing it is not too old.

I go for the latter and my homespun Gimp 2.9.5 appimage based on the 'buntu ppa packages will load gmic_gimp_qt, albeit the 2.8 version from


Unfortunately trying and failing to build gmic_gimp_gtk/qt for the last week against the 'buntu 2.9 packages. Starting to hate cmake, qt …etc.

(Edgardo Hoszowski) #357

I need to add the plugin myself, I’m compiling the gmic qt and I want to do some tests.

The problem is if I install the GIMP from ppa I get an error when compiling the gmic qt plugin (can’t find the GIMP dev lib), so I’m in trouble.

But for now I can install/uninstall the ppa, I’ve done worst.


A bit of success today.

For the 'buntu Gimp 2.9.5 ppa, it has just updated so that is worth applying.

The packages required to compile plugins are mostly as shown here:

Gimp will pull in libgimp2.0 etc, but also needed some dev packages, libgimp2.0-dev libgegl-dev libbabl-dev, you will need curl as well, Anything missing should show up as an error.

To compile gimp_gimp_qt get qtbase5-dev For some reason I assumed qt4 worked but all I get with that are errors.

The instructions for compiling gmic_gimp_qt are as in the except use the full path to qmake

git clone git clone make -C gmic/src CImg.h gmic_stdlib.h cd gmic-qt /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qmake HOST=gimp make

Does it work? - it does on my Kubuntu 16.04 Gimp 2.9.5 appimage.

Want to give it a try (remember this is 'ubuntu based) a bit larger than the gtk version this zip is 3 GB remember to unzip it.

edit: First apologies for getting off topic. This will not work with the regular 2.9.5 appimage which needs libgomp incorporating.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #359

I just prepared a new GIMP AppImage package, using the latest code from GIT:

One of the big new things is the possibility to choose the RAW loader plug-in from the preferences (see this post here on

I have also bundled into the AppImage the latest version of nuFRAW, patched to make it compatible with the new RAW loader chooser in the GIMP preferences (actually only one line of code added).

Thanks to that, the user can now choose among three RAW loaders: nuFRAW, Darktable and PhotoFlow. The last two need external programs (the photoflow plug-in can also use the PhF AppImage, see this post for instructions), while nuFRAW works out-of-the-box.

The only problem is that the latest GIMP requires a version of Glib newer than that available on my build system, and so I had to build Glib from sources an bundle it into the AppImage.
Now being 100% sure of what I did, I would like to ask some of you to test the AppImage before updating the link in the “community software” post. Maybe @probono, @rich2005, @paperdigits or @heckflosse can give it a quick go and see of they get some problems?

For the future, I plan to set-up a full Glib/GTK environment using jhbuild, so that the AppImage will provide up-to-date GTK libraries regardless of what is available on the build system, but it will take some time until his will be fully tested and reliable…

(Mica) #360

I will give it a go tonight… I don’t expect it to work on Debian 8, but Ubuntu 16.04 should work.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #361

If you are ready to give me a hand with testing, I’d like to also solve the Debian problems once for all…