Give me a good reason...

… to not fall for a Canon R7 and an RF 100-500.

So, I currently use an EOS 70D and a battered Sigma 120-400mm (and several other EF/EF-S lenses). The Canon M series left me cold. I have been awaiting for a mirrorless APS-C camera that could use the RF lenses and my current EF ones, and it looks like Canon did it.

So what are the bad sides(*)?

(*) WAF could be decent because the camera and lens are smaller/lighter

Go look at the DR charts on If you’re not getting a couple of stops improvement over your old gear… :laughing:

DP review was pretty frank…at first I saw this and thought I was going to buy one but I think I will still wait a bit.

Let me say that while I think DR is important (the first consideration for my acquisitions), there are plenty of other reasons to consider a particular camera…

Going from DSLR to mirror less brings a bunch of nice features.

I think they were less than impressed with the evf and a few technical aspects. I would have to go back and watch the pros and cons again…

Just watched the video. These new cameras are quite underwhelming IMO.
By the way I am also on 70D and was very disappointed that Canon decided to invest in the crop sensor.

The only compelling reason to look into these would be if you are a wild life photographer - maybe it would work well for you. But even with that - the guys from DP review are not that much impressed (because of how the AF behaves).

Maybe the lenses that you have work very well for you. If this is the case - perhaps the camera would work well. Just buy and adapter and that’s it.

I have 70D, 18-135 EFS, 50 1.4 EF and a flash. With this - if I am to stay on Canon (but go for full frame) - the only keepers would be the 50mm and the flash. Investing in crop sensor (because of the 18-135) is a no go (because I can see how inferior it is when it comes to sharpness comparing to the 50 1.4). If I did not notice it - it would have been okay but since I know it - I can see it all the time. Darktable helps me a lot actually but my best pictures are with the 50 1.4 EF.

  • For crop sensor - I’d likely look towards Fuji (because of features). Downloaded few files to process in darktable and I am more happy than my 70D photos
  • For small portable camera - especially if crop sensor - I may look for Sony
  • I was considering very much Nikon full frames and the files are very nice. But with their move out of Japan - I am very hesitant the quality will stay the same.

Bottom line is - what type of pictures are you taking? What would be the benefit of the purchase? There is a better AF, IBIS in R7 but would you ever miss the full frame? Like better low light, wider angle on the shots? Do you crop the image?

Currently I don’t really like any of the canon cameras too much. R5 is probably the nicest but it is so expensive and even with that - it overheats (and that is not nice). R6 is good contender but it is 20 MP. For some reason often I have to crop in post. Looks like I am going to stay on my old 70D for now. So - 7-8 years and same 20 MP. Even my daughter’s phone takes 60 MP and she is not compelled at all to use my camera :slight_smile:

I don’t know their cost, so i don’t know price/performance of these just announced camera’s.

But ‘is it worth it’ is something you have to answer for yourself anyway :wink: .

The quick downside i can imagine , is lens selection. It’s a newish mount and Canon has been making awesome glass and has been filling their RF selection quickly…

… but that’s all full frame. So you might end up with an aps-c sensor with only expensive big full frame glass to buy for a while .

Sony also has neglected the aps-c E mount selection for quite a while , but the 3re party lens market is quite active there , with nice choices across a range or quality/price ratios. So there is something worthwhile for most budgets now.

I expect this will take some time with canon aps-c RF mount. And it means they will leave m-mount in the cold :(.
I thought it would be more logical to ‘relaunch’ m mount. Market the camera’s as siblings of the eos -r line and release new lenses to show you take it seriously , but at least the m-mount owners and existing lenses don’t have a dead end now . I don’t expect them to sustain both mounts.

(I always thought it was a mistake for Sony to make 1 new mount for both aps-c and ff… and now both Nikon and Canon are doing the same…).

Oh, and another drawback… Support in opensource software might take a while.

They being said , as a Sony user for years now , i think camera’s like the R5 and R6 are exceptional good camera’s that show me canon is back from the dead , and o would be very happy owning and using one.

The r7 as an aps-c eos-r line looks just as nice to me .
(The r10 you have to take care what features they removed to keep the price lower , it is canon after all).

One of the reasons might be OM-1 + Panaleica 100-400 (which I use). Or E-M5Mk3. Or the upcoming OM-5. Smaller, lighter.

Your lens comment was one of the main concerns for the guys reviewing at DPreview but perhaps there will be lenses made…I think only 2 available from Canon at the moment that are APS-c specific…


New Fuji APS-C with stacked sensor … you may be invested in Canon though
7 Stop IBIS… just saw this… need to read more…

Yes, pretty much invested in Canon. Also, twice the price of the R7 :slight_smile:

A bit less but still :grinning: Looks like a good competitor against the OM-1 and other pro, fast cameras. Their new AF looks great in the demos, even tracking really small birds and people.

I don’t know much about these new Canon with crop sensor. I will just say that the quality of the ‘consumer’ lenses is pretty spectacular, despite the optical flaws and the need for software corrections. I’ve always been a prime-lenses guy but recently I bought the RF 24-240 that I’m using with an “old” EOS R (*) and the results are impressive.

In fact I want also to get the RF 100-400 which is incredibly cheap and light to shoot sports (ehm, not at a pro / paid level, just to take better photos at my daughter’s ski races).

Maybe you could consider used EOS R with this 100-400 perhaps if you don’t mind the “low” fps rate? Could be cheaper perhaps?

(*) to be clear, I have been using the same lens with an EOS RP too and my opinion was exactly the same, I mean going to the R hasn’t changed much my perception, I only did this body upgrade for other reasons (the RP failed miserably). You can tell that I’m not anymore in the race for the latest/brightest sensor, these two sensors (26Mp ex-Canon 6D and 30Mp ex-Canon 5dmk4) from “ages” ago are still excellent performers for me.

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Every computer we get today is made in China, be it a Synology disk station or my Lenovo ThinkPad … and the vast majority of computers that come with a lens-bayonett are made in China, too. It’s not like in the olden days anymore: the computer will be fitted with the shutter-module and that’s it for “camera manufacturing” in 2022. No more mechanical expertise, no more moving parts - except for the shutter, and that comes as a pre-assembled module.

I couldn’t care less where they make my “camera” today

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I have tested Yamaha U1 pianos from before they moved production from Japan to Indonesia and U1 from after, and they don’t sound as good.

“Moving to China” is not merely a change in production locality, it’s a statement regarding how the brand is defining its cost vs. quality tradeoff.

Quality management (aka checking that product complies to specifications) is expensive no matter how cheap the labor force is. When they go chinese, usually they cut on both.

Not to mention, my Thinkpad has been my most expensive and most annoying computer so far (first time I had to replace a keyboard, and only after 2 years, then had to replace the screen at 3 years - couldn’t even find genuine Lenovo spare parts).

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I’m not sure the features of the R7 are worth the $1500 investment over my 7D2, which is working perfectly fine right now. The IBIS and animal eye focus would be very nice but I don’t know how well they’d perform with my Sigma 150-600mm C, particularly while trying to nab a fast moving song bird in the trees which is where I have the most difficulty right now.

I also want to learn a bit more about the dynamic range and lowlight/noice performance, which is where I have my biggest shortfall in my current set up. I don’t expect FF performance from a crop sensor but I sure hope that Canon has caught up with it’s competitors.

I still might decide to go for it, but I’d probably hold off until the R7 profile is incorporated into darktable and Rawtherapee. So to that end, I highly encourage YOU to get one as soon as possible! :wink:

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I am not in the market for anything. I can see why people are hesitant about manufacturing moving to another country. I am one of them, having been burned by it for expensive items. It takes a lot of ownership on the part of the external branch or contractor to care about the product as much as the original people. That said, this can happen in Japan itself too, where like other countries, products are switching hands and processes like clouds are changing. The Japanese still have pride in certain sectors such as food. I mean you can find a $100+ strawberry or mango that is worth the price, loving cultivated and selected by specialized farmers. Cameras, not so much.

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The Seiko SKX007 is a good example of how even from Japan things can turn out wrong sometimes. It’s infamous for its out of place chapter ring due to a design flaw. Of course this is mostly due to the initial engineering, but cameras don’t stem a lot from this, specially considering modern production lines and QC. Even if they are assembled in one place, most of their parts could come out of China, and the end result would most likely be the same. I highly doubt manufacturers would advertise their cameras as heavy duty or tough (OM-1 made in Vietnam) if they couldn’t handle it.

Recently I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that pro bodies are ‘too expensive’, disregarding the ridiculous recent price jump of raw materials, imagine if they were actually made in a place where workers are treated and paid properly, nobody would buy them. But photogs, or at least, ‘gear owners’(I doubt most of them even use their gear) seem to be the most whiny people I’ve seen when it comes to product prices and features, almost like they can no longer take a picture because the camera does 40fps instead of 45 or 50.

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Location also can often be misleading…not to slight any nationality but Toyota and others in Japan have for a number of years been importing workers. Hell the whole world does it now…so you can’t assume any quality based on thinking that highly skilled and motivated people are making the product and its better just because of where it comes from… not even to mention about the global part supply system and so any product is likely to have input from so many different locations depending on what it is…

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