G'MIC in PhotoFlow


(Carmelo Dr Raw) #1

In PhotoFlow, there is an “hidden” tool that allows to run arbitrary g’mic commands interactively, pretty much like what is available in the gimp plug-in.
At the moment, only commands that can be split into tiles and processed in parallel are supported, but this can be changed if needed.

However, one advantage is that the results can be directly seen in the big preview area. Moreover, the custom gmic command is associated to an adjustment layer, and can therefore be combined with any other adjustment as wells with multiple custom gmic commands.

If this could be of any help in the debugging and/or development of gmic scripts, then I can easily re-enable the tool in the GUI in the next version, or even better explain which single line has to be uncommented if you will compile photoflow from source.


I was unaware of this topic when I posted this. I would like to pursue this idea with my feedback. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

What I would like to see in PhotoFlow:

  1. PhotoFlow has version 1.78. It would be great if we could get 2.2.

  2. Better yet, perhaps we could have this updating process automated.

  3. There are two items that update:
    a. G’MIC core. Needs installing or repackaging.
    b. G’MIC filters. Only needs downloading text file.
    Currently, the G’MIC plugin in GIMP has an update button for (b).

  4. Has an interface similar to the current G’MIC plugin in GIMP.

    – The options in the Value action menu are Cut and Normalize, which mean clip or stretch values to range. This should be adapted to the way range is handled in PhotoFlow. I suggest that a pass through option is included as well to let the user do non-standard things.

  5. Include an option to show G’MIC console output. It is needed for seeing what the code does and debugging it when it fails. It would be a handy feature to have in the other G’MIC tools as well.