Gnome 40 colormanagement broken?

Hi all,

I’m owning a wide-gammunt Monitor (Benq SW240).
All in a sudden archlinux upgraded Gnome to Version 4.x. Colormanagement worked fine in Gnome 3.x. Gnome-colormanager nor xiccd nor dispwin lead to consistent colors in Firefox, chromium, opera, Rawtherapee, darktable, xnview. They all by settings rely in system colormanagement.
Can someone confirm or maybe I’m wrong somehow in settings?

thanks in advance…

Are you using Wayland?

No, I don’t. AFAIK there is no support in Wayland for colormanagement.

This is not correct. gnome has some hacks to make colormgmt work under wayland.

Any link regarding Gnome40 and Wayland would be appreciated.

For some definition of “work” that doesn’t include things like calibration, profiling, multi-screen support, etc.


Screenshot of GNOME Settings on GNOME 40 on Fedora 34, in Wayland, specifically in the color tab, where it shows multiple devices, a button to add existing profiles, a calibration button, etc.:

(This has been around for several GNOME releases, FWIW. It’s not new.)

You can expand each device and switch profiles too (if more than one exists).

You may have a UI, but does it actually do anything ?

Lets see you pop up a calibration test window and create a set of calibration curves using a colorimeter.

If it works, you’re not actually running Wayland :slight_smile:


I haven’t created a profile since upgrading. Yeah, I should… at least attempt it. :wink:

Settings are clear(X11).
“Work” is: wallpaper, menus (not important), RT -> System Profile, DT -> System Profile, and a least ONE image viewer (Xnview, EOG, or…).
If you have multiple devices, another colormanager (e.g. xiccd) maybe is active.
With much handworking, openbox does this. In any other environment, including KDE, one of the points does not work.
Gnome 3.x had a CONSISTENT colormanagement. Maybe it is an gtk4 issue. If one is searching in the Web, the lack of Interest leads often to “Linux sucks” or “Linux Colormanagement sucks”.
By the way, maybe Mate or Cinnamon does?
Sorry for may bad english…