Gnome 40 colormanagement broken?

There is no working color management in Wayland currently.

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All the more reason to stick with x11!

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If there is no color management in Wayland, there is no point for the topic starter trying to get this working…


Yes I agree.


Which makes it an issue if e.g. Fedora Design Suite, which is based on Gnome and is designed for photography / reative arts etc, will use Wayland, and therefore have an issue with colour management? I certainly think I’ll stick to Mint CInnamon for the forseeable future!

I have no experience with Fedora Design Suite, but they mention “Gnome Color Management” on their homepage. I don’t know how they will tackle this.

I don’t really see the added value of this Design Suite as you can install each individual application on any distro.

Yes Wayland is the default in Fedora, but you can also choose X server.
We’ll see what the future brings…

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Hmm, I am actually testing Gnome 4.40 with archlinux. I think, colormanagement is functional now. I’m not shure for now, I played too much around with xiccd, dispwin, etc. :thinking:


I think the key is whether Archlinux is using Wayland, rather than X on Gnome 4.40.

Me, I’ll stick to plain and simple Linux Mint Cinnamon :slight_smile:

With Cinnamon, colormanagement is ok? If so, I will give it a try. XFCE is ok now (arch/X11).

No issues with cinnamon and colour management!

Applying ICC profiles to the display/desktop in Settings>Color in Gnome 40.4.0 running on Wayland seems to do something at least. Not sure what else I can do to test, but I’m able to get a fairly noticeable color shift when switching between different profiles on both of my displays.

This is what I see when running Fedora34 with Gnome40 in Wayland.
The color profile is being read and does seem to correct the colors.

I can’t say for sure if there is a vissible difference between X and Wayland running this profile.

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Does wayland/GNOME still rely on apps to do colourmanagement (be ICC aware) themselves? Or can it do conversions in compositing already?

In Gnome Wayland I am creating a colormanaged CUPS Printserver for dye-sublimation desktop printers.
Gnome version is 3.38 and installed on a Raspberry Pi 4. Debian 32-bit.
After almost endless research it is working as it should be now.
As I understand it wouldn’t be a good idea to update to Gnome 4.0. Is this still a current situation in 2022 july. Does anyone know if the issue is solved?

Thank you all in advance!

I’m on Manjaro. with Gnome 42.3 on X11. I don’t really know that much about color managenent, but here are a couple of screenshots comparing my imageviewer (gThumb) and firefox up against darktable. To my untrained eye they look similar to me. Allthough, I do have crappy monitors as well :sweat_smile:

gThumb in front, darktable in the back:

firefox in front, darktable in the back:

And when I open gnome settings and go to color, I get this:

Also, if there is an embedded profile in an image, gThumb will show a button to switch between that and the system profile:
Screenshot from 2022-07-27 20-12-01

AFAIK there is no 10-bit color solution in Wayland.
For me, Xfce with Xorg AND a suitable graphicscard AND Nvidia Driver (nouveau doesn’t do as well) AND a modified /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/30-screensetup.conf, is the only working setup yet.
Arch/64 on Intel PC. Again, it’s not easy on linux (Windows as well).

There’s no 10 bit-color on Rapsberry, I guess. Therefore, it’s always 8 bit and SRGB and Gnome 4 should work.

I just installed Manjaro with Gnome and color management does indeed seem to be completely broken. I run Gnome on x11. When I try to install my screen profile that I created on Debian everything turns reddish. When I try to profile the screen the result is really odd, something like 95% sRGB, 70% AdobeRGB etc. even though I have a wide gamut screen. When I go back to Debian/spectrwm I get 99% AdobeRGB, 160% sRGB.


Uh oh, spectrwm is hardcore. As in openbox, there should be no influences on colormanagement.
Nowadays, all stuff is driven by colord/xiccd (systemd), why is this weird on gnome?

Do you have Nvidiadrivers and an Xorg.conf as I described above?

I know it’s a long time, and maybe the topic is dead, but I managed to calibrate my monitor in Linux, although it was not easy and, honestly, the situation is quite sad.


  1. The “calibrate display” of Gnome is broken: it is known (see for example Draft: color: Fix gtk4 migration (!1501) · Merge requests · GNOME / Settings · GitLab and the related bugs) but it seems that really too few people care.

  2. DisplayCal works, but (at least if you have a SpyderX like me — you know, black Friday) it works only if you have exactly version 2.3.0 of ArgyllCMS, because previous and newer versions have a bug Error – ‘Instrument Access Failed' for LCD White LED Mode | DisplayCAL. Fortunately, the FlatPack version has the correct one :wink:

  3. It’s not immediate, but you have to choose the following options:


…and then follow the instructions. I managed to calibrate my old LG IPS display very near to my new BenQ (which come with a ΔE<3 certificate), so I’m happy now.

When importing the ICC profile, you have to convince Gnome to see it (restarting GNOME shell or something like that, I am not sure).

But the situation is not really a happy one. I was almost thinking of calibrating the monitor connecting it to a Windows machine and then exporting the ICC…

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I gave up using Gnome anymore. Unusable. Gnome3 guaranteed correct color management.
Using xfce is fine. Actual versions don’t need to play with atom, etc., just use it.

Some developes are bad and messy. KDE3 was perfect. Since 4/Plasma is messy and partly broken yet. Also Gnome4 or 5 or whatever.

Don’t know about cinnamon ore mate.