Green yellowish cast

hey guys…

few weeks ago during my hiking @Stephens State Park, Hackkettstown, NJ I shot few landscapes. Here in NJ summer is picking up and its full greenish if you go deep into woods. I feel my pics are too green and I want green to be green but not to overpower other elements in the photo like rocks, tree trunks, water etc… attached is one example RAW (CR3) and my edits (JPG) and an XMP. I am not very satisfied to be honest. if anyone wants to try out please feel free. Would love to see and learn from your edits

_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (9.8 KB)
_6I_8176.CR3 (20.2 MB)

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Looking at your edit, you hadn’t tried to adjust the white balance at all. All the foliage means that the light will be very green, and so when you boost the colors without adjusting WB, you get a very green image.

My first attempt, where I left color calibration at default, and used rgb primaries to remove the yellow cast. Fairly close to the camera JPEG, as it turned out, but less yellow.

Green yellowish cast _6I_8176.CR3.xmp (12.2 KB)

Looking at your edit, I realised I hadn’t fixed chromatic aberrations, which is why the auto picker in color calibration was useless. For this second attempt, I did fix CA and used the CC auto picker, but reduced the illuminant chroma. Also did some other things you can see if you load the xmp. On the whole, much better colors.

Green yellowish cast _6I_8176_01.CR3.xmp (20.2 KB)


This photo lacks focus. Everything is embedded in the green and in the texture and it has no point that attracts the eye.

I tried a softer version with the focus on the stones in the water:

_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (24,3 KB)


I’d keep it simple.

_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (8.2 KB)

_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (15.9 KB)


My try.

I have kept my edit very simple because your question was mainly about the color rendition. When I first look at a plawraw image I tend to set the exposure and white balance to as shot. Yours produced an unpleasant green/yellow color which overpowered the shot. I briefly played with the color calibration module and tried some options including daylight according to that module or sampling an area of the image to find a neutral tone. I then aborted this and turned off the color calibration module and went to the white balance module and set it to daylight. In my view the colors produced by this approach felt more natural to me. A nice deep green that looked like a forest to my eyes.

I then decided to lighten the river itself using a second instance of exposure and a drawn paths mask with significant feathering. There is probably more I could try with this image but I was concentrating on your concern about the color.

_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (14.1 KB)


_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (15.5 KB)


Sorry, no DT-user, here my proposal in RT-dev:

_6I_8176.CR3.jpg.out.pp3 (15,2 KB)


I added tone and color contrast in the leaves/greens to avoid the texture mess :smiley:
I also added vibrance + “cooler” colors in the river to separate it from the trees

_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (21.9 KB)


I like the green cast of the original. I think it is atmospheric. So, ignoring technical perfection, here is my play in GIMP.
I have increased the blue on the water to give a little contrast to the green and increased the saturation on the trees. The complete opposite of what was asked!!!


darktable 4.6.1

_6I_8176_01.CR3.xmp (4.8 KB)


I understand your problem all to well. In the summer the woods present a vast wall of green and nothing but green. The chlorophyll is so abundant that any image almost becomes monochrome and how to deal with that? I always attempt to increase the color contrast in the image to counteract the monochrome tendency. I always try to strengthen the brown colors of e.g. the tree stems, again to minimise the monochrome tendency in the image.
Next to that there is the problem of the very bright spots, where the sunlight reaches the leaves or the ground.
To be frank, I am never fully content with the results, the danger of that yellow cast is very real.

I cropped the image as I thought this strengthened the sightlines, sigmoid to increase contrasts and tone equalizer to reduce the bright spots. A large part of the workflow I dedicated to the colors and ended with some softening.

_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (18.5 KB)

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A second version trying to emphasize the sun, breaking through the green.

_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (15.5 KB)


Tried to keep it simple and failed with this :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
Strong Dynamic Range Compression to preserve some coulour of the sunlit rocks and a steep tone curve to counter-act it in the midtones.

_6I_8176_RT-1.jpg.out.pp3 (14.9 KB)


My fun with GIMP


My version…

_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (21.2 KB)


Right or wrong, this is what I got, going with my eye for what looks “real” for the scene, to me. dt 4.6.1

_6I_8176.CR3.xmp (7.7 KB)

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Tried it again. My first version seems too bright IMHO

_6I_8176_RT-3.jpg.out.pp3 (14.9 KB)


_6I_8176.CR3.arp (12.1 KB)