Grouping JPEG and RAW

I see no method of grouping JPEG+RAW images together in Digikam. For such a powerful piece of DAM software I’m quite surprised. If there’s a method perhaps someone can point me in the right direction, otherwise I will make my request over on the digikam site.

I’m moving away from Lightroom (Mac) (and formerly Aperture) to Linux and some TBD DAM SW. These tools have a method of grouping or stacking the JPEG and RAW file automatically (and let the user choose which is default, and let the user choose which one to access).

Same request as this:

To group raw and jpg, select all to be grouped images (so all jpg and raw files) and in the context menu select group -> group selected by type.


I couldn’t find an option to group by type, but I did find:

  • by Filename (that works!)
  • by Time (also works).

I wonder whether I could use group by Time in order to help with my lightroom catalog export? If I export all of my edited RAW images as -edit.jpg or something into the same folder, I wonder whether this tactic of using ‘by Time’ will allow me to group the edit into the stack with the original jpeg and raw? Time for an experiment…

OK that worked perfectly. I created a jpeg with a different name, then used group by time. The edited one became the pick of the stack. Perfect.

Thanks for pointing this out - up until now I’ve been splitting my JPGs out into a subfolder, which is a nuisance as it means more handling and also inconsistencies as it’s only occasionally that I do JPG+RAW. I didn’t even think to see if file grouping was possible!