Where did the time go?!

For some reason I was checking my account on the forums earlier today and noticed that it was created in April, 2015. On further inspection it looks like my, and @darix, accounts were created on April 2nd 2015.

(Not to be confused with the main site because apparently it took me about 8 months to get a forum stood up…)

Which means that the forums have been around for just over a year now?!

So, Happy Birthday discuss!

We’re just over a year old and just under 500 users on the forum!

For fun, I looked for the oldest (public) post we had and it looks like it’s the “Welcome to PIXLS.US Discussion“ thread. In case anyone wanted to revisit a classic…

THANK YOU so much to everyone who has made this an awesome place to be and nerd out about photography and software and more! Since we started we migrated the official G’MIC forums here as well as our friends at RawTherapee! We’ve been introduced to some awesome projects like PhotoFlow as well as Filmulator. And everyone has just been amazing, supportive, and fun to be around.

As I posted in the original Welcome thread…

This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at https://pixls.us/blog/2016/04/happy-birthday-discuss-pixls-us/

Thank you @patdavid and other admins for all your hard work! I’m happy we have a place to call our own.

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