Have some marker or tag or icon on modules in darkroom?

Hi everyone,

before bothering the devs with this (feature request) I’d like to discuss the following:
After reading (and translating) this:

and beeing dealing with requests in dt user mailing list in the past few days I came to the conclusion that it might be confusing to users to have all modules presented in an unsorted way in darkroom.

With “unsorted” I understand: There are 2 groups of modules:

  • those belonging to the “old workflow” (Lab)
  • those recommended for the filmic workflow (linear RGB)

Even I find it confusing (and I did a lot of reading and watching Aureliens videos, so I know about the technical background) to distinguish between those modules, especially when looking at their names:

  • there is filmic RGB (new)
  • but on the other hand RGB levels or RGB curves which are not recommended to use in linear RGB.

I use a cheat sheet to look at when wanting to use a rarely used module - but find that not beeing handy.

I came to the conclusion that it might be a good idea to have some kind of marker/icon in the top bar of each module to signal the recommended use (new or old workflow/pixelpipe).

Any thoughts?

Already solved, as there are module preset groups, which you can select near the bottom of the module panel in darkroom view.

Well, “already solved” in the sense that there is a means for each individual user to do the sorting and save the cheat sheet. But I support the wish for an icon to make it simple for all those who don’t read this (really good!) lengthy article.
(Now I messed up my set of favourites playing around with those presets! Grrr!)

You can save module presets and keep your favourites :slight_smile: i have several module set presets :slight_smile:

I don’t read this article as a definitive list of “modules you must never use with the new workflow” but rather a set of recommendations and warnings about trying to do too much with some of the more troublesome modules, and about understanding their limitations.

If you want to choose to excise those “non-recommended” modules from your workflow entirely that’s fine and creating a ‘more modules’ preset is really the way to do this (because that’s your personal preference). But hard-coding an indicator into each of the modules perhaps is a little more contentious.

I had hoped that the module name was some how exposed via a CSS class, that way we could make some themes that highlight specific things, such a linear vs lab.

I don’t think there’s a way to do that with the module name (though it would be fairly simple to add such information as a class).

Isn’t it just that some modules work better in the display-referred part of the pipe (i.e. after filmic or base curve) and some modules work better in the scene-referred part of the pipe, because of the working assumptions that lab makes (low dynamic range)? So the way you can tell which is which is by its position in the pipe (is it before or after filmic).

So the general rule of thumb is to try to do most of your modifications before filmic in the pipe.