Having Problems Accessing GIMP Plug-ins Download Sites


I was trying to download a couple of GIMP plug-ins from this site:

Particularly #1 and #12.

When I click the Download button for #1, the address in the bar says “registry.gimp.org/node/26396” ; but the screen says “This Site Can’t be Reached”

#12 first takes me to a GitHub page with many confusing choices; when I scroll way down to where it says " If you are a GIMP user who would like to download an installer for just the Resynthesizer plugin, please see: " , that sounds like me; so, I click the Windows option and go to another “registry-gimp-org” page that also says “Site can’t be reached”

Is there a direction I can go - that works - to get these plug-ins ?

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.


Take a look at this thread:


Well…, that explains that…
Thanks !


Alas…, maybe I am just not bright enough to figure it out; when I go to that “_static” link posted above and try to find the two particular plug-ins that I am seeking, Layer via Copy/Cut and Resynthesizer, I end up at the same “Site can’t be reached” pages.


The first appears to be also here: https://www.deviantart.com/slybug/art/Layer-via-Copy-Cut-305728401 in the top right hand corner there is download link.

I didn’t verify this so please use it at your own risk.

The thread linked above has a link to resynthesizer for windows in it.

It is this: https://www.gimp-forum.net/Thread-Resynthesizer-heal-selection-plugins-for-Windows


THANKS ! ; You have been most helpful !


This is getting ridiculous…
When I click the download button, instead of a download, I get this:


It says “OOPS! The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.”

Does it work for you ?

EDIT: >>> Never mind; I was first trying with Chrome; I switched to Pale Moon and it worked immediately.

When something like this happens, it takes me a few minutes to remember that often-times a different browser is the solution.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #8

@patdavid @paperdigits would it be worth adding this plug-in to the GIMP-Scripts scripts repository? In that case, it will be automatically picked up by my AppImage build scripts…

@rich2005 I see that you are providing a Windows version of the resynthesizer plug-in. Given the scattered and confused situation of the GIMP plug-ins, I have started a project in GitHub that aims at centralising and automating the creation of binary plug-ins for Linux, Windows and OSX. The various plug-ins are meant to be built and packaged with TravisCI.

Currently, and as a proof-of-concept, I am building and bundling GMIC for OSX, and I would be very much interested in setting-up a Windows packaging environment. On TravisCI it is possible to cross-compile Windows executables using mingw-w64, a procedure that has been proven to work well for GIMP and other image editors (see here).

Would you be interested to work together on this?


Just to correct any misimpression, I am not a coder, just an inveterate dabbler and linux user. Compiling the slightly tweaked resynthesizer code for my own use (and anyone who might want to try it) in linux is about my limit.

The resynthesizer package for Windows, came from too many requests on the defunct gimpforums.com forum for versions that worked. That was 2013 and amazing that it still works in Gimp 2.10 (19242 downloads, 19241 disappointed Gimp users)

A far better up-to-date package is made by samj so they are the best people to contact.

Python plugins such as layer-via-copy-cut? Deserve a new resting place and a stable repository will be appreciated. Even if not available from the authors deviantart page, it is working as I write this, a search usually finds a copy. I posted this one on g-f.net
https://www.gimp-forum.net/attachment.php?aid=1672 Just gave it a try in a Win10 VM & Gimp 2.10.6 - seems to work ok.


I have downloaded Resynthesizer from here:


I do have Windows 7 & GIMP 2.10.6; if I comprehend that correctly, I would be better served to get the samj package instead, right ?

If so, can someone point me toward the samj download ?


Stick with that until some Windows-Wiz compiles resynthesizer for Windows again. I thought there was one of those in the samj portable Gimp 2.10.6 see: https://samjcreations.blogspot.com but I must be mistaken.

Not much difference. The 2.0.3 has some more options in the resynthesizer-gui menu. Never needed to use these. Looks like this in linux https://i.imgur.com/VqcXDrg.jpg I would not worry about it.