HDRMerge AppImage - first experiment

Continuing with the idea of AppImages for end-user photography applications, I prepared a first experimental version of HDRMerge.

If anyone is interested to test it, it can be downloaded from here: https://framadrop.org/r/W0UwH228s9#Vf4HY2vzdgp0d/h5Bctu9xxs4hd6B7oS61SvGDt4Kw0=

@heckflosse you might be interested into this…

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Which version of libraw does it use?

Good point! At the moment I am using the version supplied with my distribution, which is quite outdated. I will compile the latest version from sources and add it to the bundle.

Which version do you recommend? I see that the official 0.17.2 is about 1 year old… should I take the sources from github?

Hmm, good question. But using 0.17.2 is still better than the old 0.15.4 which is the version supplied with my distribution. On my Sabayon system I use 0.17.2 which is much better. In fact using a newer libraw version was the reason why I asked for the hdrmerge appimage. Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Do you also need the LibRAW demosaicing packs?

No, I don’t think so.

So here is a new version with LibRaw 0.17.2 (or at least it is supposed to… ;-)).

And I think that this is the main interest in appcimages: you can run a piece of software with all the most appropriate dependencies without installing anything…

Where is here?

Sorry, I was doing 10 things at the same time and forgot the link… :dizzy_face:

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I just tested the new appimage. It still uses an old libraw version here. You can test it using the files from Merging 3 brackets? - #4 by anubis and running hdrmerge -vv (two v, not 1 w). HDRMerge should report cblack: 2048 or 2049 in console output. The appimage still reports cblack: 0 which is the output when using an older libraw version.
I tested on a machine which has an old version of libraw btw.

The first good news is that the appimage does not crash… this evening I will look into the lib raw version issue, I’m pretty sure that the solution is rather simple.

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Here is a new version of the AppImage, this time correctly using LibRaw 0.17.2:

I also discovered a mistake in the HDRMerge sources: in two places, the LibRaw header is included like that:

#include <libraw/libraw.h>

However, the correct syntax should be

#include <libraw.h>

because the cmake configuration already sets


in the compiler options. As a consequence, the current way of including LibRaw always picks the system-wide header in


even when a custom version is being linked.

@heckflosse: to which github issue tracker should I file this bug?

Please file the bug here

@Carmelo_DrRaw Fixed, also added this

Very good!

Did you also test the appimage already?

This works on my Debian system where the GIMP AppImage does not. The Krita AppImage also works, for what it’s worth.

Yes, works fine on Mint 17.2. Thank you!

Should we put it on the “Community Software” page?

Sure. Why not?