HELP! Cannot get the jpg to change-

Im hoping someone can help me. I have a color photo I need to turn into a coloring book page.

Im using gimp 2.10.14

I have tried everything I can find about doing this with older versions of gimp but when I use those directions they don’t work as the menu has changed. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation on how to do this in this version. Can anyone do me a favor and walk me thru this? When I try it the old way I just wind up with black and white blobs.

I am starting with a color photo that is a jpg. I turn it into greyscale.
I need to make a duplicate to work on.

now what? It needs to wind up a lined pic suitable to use as a coloring page.

Thanks so much!

Is it read-only?

Hi @theweblady ! Welcome to forum!

Here are the steps after de-saturating and duplicating the layer:

  1. Choose duplicate layer and go to Filters - Edge Detect - Edge…:

  1. Algorithm: Sobel, Amount: (you have to try out how much fits best), Border behavior: black:

  1. Select Divide as blend mode for the layer:

  1. If the edges are too light or dark, use curves (Colors - Curves) to improve that:

  1. If the edges are very noisy, you can also de-noise them (Filter - Enhance - Noise Reduction):

I hope this helps. :wink:


Hi, no, its just a regular jpg of my pals cat that I was using as my test pic.
I have other pics and they turn out awful as well… and I cant find anything for this version of gimp to tell me what to do that matches with whats actually there-its all for old versions.

@theweblady, example above is only one possibility. There are also other techniques. Can you give us a photo so that we can try out which technique fits best?

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Hi Boris, I was just trying to get my screen to look like yours but no luck yet- I’m on a Mac running os 10.13.6 and my gimp is 2.10.14-
I’d love to get you a few of the pics so you can tell me what Im doing wrong-can you tell me how to upload them here in the forum or?


Have you used GIMP before?

Maybe you can upload them somewhere online (google drive or dropbox) and give a link here? A small one, as an example, you can upload directly to a post, like I did above.

no this is my first time with Gimp as I’ve always used photoshop before but wanted to try gimp. I have heard such wonderful things and I thought this would be a good project for me to start with. I have uploaded one so maybe you can let me know your thoughts-
thanks for everything!

This is not so easy, because the photo is very noisy and blurred (edge cannot be recognized well) and the cat has a lot of texture.

The best results I could achieve are:

Grain merge


linear light

Is that ok?

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wow! they both look great!! Can u walk me thru step by step starting at step one how do I get either/both of those images?
I also have a person ill upload that might be easier-

thank you so much-you are awesome!!gene2

Welcome, Sandy,

Er… Boris did just that (see above). He also asked

Have you used GIMP before?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Had some fun with the cat here: G'MIC fun with afre. :rofl:

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@theweblady Do you have an example of what you are looking for?

He asked me and I answered-below please see my response.
no this is my first time with Gimp as I’ve always used photoshop before but wanted to try gimp. I have heard such wonderful things and I thought this would be a good project for me to start with.

I am only trying to learn. I had a few questions how he got both of the designs so I requested info on how he did each one.

Im sorry if somehow I offended you. All I am trying to do is learn how to do something in gimp. I have heard such wonderful things about it and about your user group.

thank you-

above message is to Claes in Lund, Sweden.

Hi afre!
thank you so much for your designs-they were quite different but both amazing!

The kind of look I am going for is something similar to what Boris did with his houses design-a coloring book type but still able to see its a person or animal. I uploaded a pic of a drummer if thats easier to work with as its a person.

this is sort of what im looking to learn to do but more clean and crisp like Boris’s houses design

I don’t have a way ATM but I came up with this using my G’MIC filter (to new layer) and using dodge mode on it over the original layer.


The outline isn’t very strong though and the iris is extra light. Trouble with the G’MIC plugin preview window is that it isn’t accurate at all, so I am fumbling in the dark. Maybe with a few tweaks, it would work.

wow! that looks great! you are right-just a hair bit darker- I probably didn’t explain it very well but hopefully the pic I uploaded helped…im trying to make a coloring book page from a jpg or png or? so it needs to look somewhat like the original but also allows for coloring fun…


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what else do u think it needs?