Help me help rebuild broken homes and lives in :Ukraine:

I work for ALWS, a humanitarian aid and international development agency. We are staging a WalkMyWay Ukraine event in Brisbane, Australia on 11 May 2024 in order to raise funds to rebuild homes and lives for the victims - especially children - impacted by the war in Ukraine. As a staff member, I of course registered asap.

This is deliberately not about politics, but addressing humanitarian need: refurbishing apartments to make them liveable (especially in the cold winter months), helping children who have had to flee or have been traumatised by what they have seen, to resume school and to be assured of safety.

If any of you in the community would like to support this humanitarian work, I would be delighted. You can do so - anonymously if you wish - on My personal fundraising page

I have set a personal target of raising AUD 700. The event is presently aiming to raise AUD 180k

If you are not in a position to support financially, thank you for reading - maybe you can add a like.
Or visit my LinkedIn and like that.

We return you now to your regular programming …


Less than 2 weeks to go now … we have some 450 registered walkers and have raised some $63.5k (Australian). is the main webpage.

I’d be delighted if any others from this community wanted to support this humanitarian effort.

Promotion of this event has been a large part of my job since January, but one I also passionately believe in. Not playing politics, but responding to humanitarian need.
(My organisation is mostly involved in humanitarian aid to some of the poorest countries of the world: Burundi, South Sudan, Nepal, Myanmar). If you want to know more about our work, go to


Saturday’s event was a great success. 870+ registered walkers, over $165k raised on the day (current tally is $177k, we’re hoping to get to $202.5k - enough to renovate 45 apartments). As I had to staff the event (see selfie), I did my own sponsored walk early in the day. Thanks to those from the community who sponsored me! I took a few images whilst on my walk and uploaded some of them here.


Amazing Martin. Excellent work.