Help Needed, Darktable MacOS

(Jose Bautista) #1

Hello, Everyone!
Can you help me to fix this problem?
In my computer Darktable looks like this:

is there a way to make a larger font for the controls?
Thank You!!

(Daniel Catalina) #2

Yes, look in the darktable.css file for ‘font-size’ and change it to your liking. I had 11pt for a macbook pro retina 13’
I am not really sure now where the file is, but it is somewhere in the darktable app folder in a folder called share.



you can get there either by

  • GoTo (command + shift G) on finder and the pasting then above with the preceding path to the location of Example if in the applicattions folder

  • or context menu (right click) on the itself and select “show contents”, then navigate normally to the css file

(Jose Bautista) #4

Thank You! it worked like a charm!

(Jose Bautista) #5

Thanks a lot!