Help test RawTherapee on Retina/4k etc HiDPI monitors.

Do you have a mac with a Retina display or other system with a HiDPI monitor?

It would be great if we could get some full screenshots of RT branch hidpi-icons running. Here is a build of this enhancement test branch for MacOS

Thanks @Hombre @TooWaBoo and others for the hard work getting the interface ready for hi-def.

\mathsf{\LARGE\color{lightblue}Note:\ Please\ select\ a\ TooWa*\ theme\ for\ this\ test,} \\ \mathsf{\LARGE\color{lightblue}as\ it\ has\ been\ updated\ for\ hidpi,\ } \\\mathsf{\LARGE\color{lightblue} whereas\ the\ default\ RawTherapee\ } \\ \mathsf{\LARGE\color{lightblue} theme\ hasn't\ yet\ been.}


Only on Macs?
I have a HiDPI monitor but I am on Manjaro…

Not only on macs! You just have to build the hidpi-icons branch.

OK, thanks.
WIll do it tomorrow (it’s bedtime over here).

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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I fetched the hidpi-icons branch, compiled as usual,
and performed a rough/swift test for each resolution (see below).

Monitor = 28" Samsung
gfx GTX-1050

Resolutions tested

No peculiar icons found.

However, the Retinex module refused to expand,
irrespective of resolution (but that probably has nothing
to do with icons :blush: ).

Anything more you’d like me too look out for before
I go over to the dev version?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

PS: Oh, I just noted that you want full screenshots. One moment, please…

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@Claes awesome! Can you post up the original resolution of your highest res shot?

Also interested in seeing the file browser in hidpi. Please make a screenshot of it if you possibly can.

Yes. Retinex only works when editing raw image files. Looks like you are editing a jpeg, so the retinex tool should be disabled.

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Gladly – but I do not understand your wish, please rephrase it?!?

I noticed the screen shots have each been downsized to the same dimension 1475x756. Would you be able to post your shot of the 3840x2160 screen without downsizing?

File browser coming up (or is it down?):

I spotted that, too, and I am actually puzzled,
since I did not perform any downsizing… I used
Manjaro’s standard Screenshot app for the task.

I’ll investigate after lunch…

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Patience, please…
I believe that I am on to something…

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@HIRAM Thanks for this topic. Could you please add to the OP that test should be done with a TooWaBoo theme (“RawTherapee” theme is not updated for HiDPI). (ping @Claes )

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:slight_smile: Oh, how cruel you are :slight_smile:

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Good things come to those who wait?

My bad. Totally forgot that detail…



a) Wrong red Heinz colour.

b) My present method (trying to preserve res) produces l-a-r-g-e files).
Pse PM me your e-mail addy so I can send you a zip or two.

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( accept large file )

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