Help test the new HDRMerge development build for macOS

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

There were some 60 commits since HDRMerge v0.5.0 was released three years ago. We intend to make a new release soon, but first we need your help to test that the builds run fine on all supported systems.

@HIRAM made a new build for macOS, you can find it and leave comments either here in the forum or there in GitHub:


Without entering minutia, just a superficial assemblage of some handheld hdr trios of images (bless you), all went smoothly. Images were saved in all bit depths, also png mask.

Thanks for the merge boost =)

macos 10.13.3


Testing the new qt5 version of HDRMerge…

HDRMerge .dng from 3 exp. bracket post-processed in RawTherapee.

The only problem I’ve noted happening on both my 10.12 and 10.11 macs is the second dialog box which appears after the initial file choosing box is starting out real tiny.


It does expand into this normal-sized box once you try to expand it out from the lower right corner.


ˆ-- for the latest HDRMerge test build.


HIRAM and other developing. Tested against the older verion and all white point issues causing crazy pinks are now gone with canon CR2 files. This version rocks and is very useful. I use it through command line and seems to work fine as well. Thanks a lot for sharing.