Help with culling mode in Darktable

Anyone use the new culling/expose views in Lighttable…I have figured out that culling uses the current image in the filmstrip and as you scroll then depending on the number of images you choose to display they are updated…expose seem similar but it is fixed to a set of images that you choose so no scrolling and the image don’t have to be in order. So my question is I believe you can pan and zoom and that will be sync’d between the displayed images however all I can seem to do is hit W or ctrl-W for a full screen preview and only on the current image …Z and Ctrl Z are now used for undo in lighttable I believe and Alt-1 -4 are the zoom keys but they don’t seem to do anything…so my quesition is can you zoom and pan and if so how is that invoked…Thanks in advance for any feedback

In both modes you can zoom with cntrl + mouse wheel and pan with just drag.
I don’t use keys to zoom but I think that they don’t work here. The zoom to fit and 100% will be a nice addition.

Thanks for the tip Edgardo…I was able to get the zoom with the scroll wheel as you describe…but it did not happen in the other image…which I thought was the purpose of this mode to compare photos with sync’d zoom and panning??

It should zoom all visible images and keep them in sync, be sure you are on latest master, there has been some issues that are already fixed.

Just compiled it tonight…I am on WIndows…maybe that is the issue??

I’m on linux and is working fine for me, but it has to work on any platform, maybe a particular scenario?
You can enter a bug report on github, with some specifics on how to duplicate it.

Haven’t done that before but I will give it a try…I am pretty certain I am not missing anything because as you say the ctrl mouse wheel zooms and I can pan but only the first selected image responds…

Umm… “culling mode”? As a result of my recent reappearance from under a rock I’ve no idea whatsoever what “culling mode” and “culling/expose views” are :woozy_face:

Would somebody please enlighten me?

Lighttable now has 4 (count them) modes: File manager, zoomable lighttable were there since earliest versions. Expose and Culling are two others now in master branch.

Culling allows easy comparison of a desired number of multiple images in order to do what it says on the tin: decide which shots of a particular scene to discard in favour of the preferred one(s) to keep.

The accepted (by many) means of culling hitherto was using darkroom, fully zoomed (with Tab), and using shortcut keys 1-5 and r to rate or reject. This can be quite slow due to the full rendering of each image, and doesn’t allow side by side comparison.

Using lighttable in file manager (or zoomable) mode does allow comparison, but the layout in rows may show more shots than are wanted to compare, hence each image may be smaller than optimum.

After some experimenting, I stretch the darktable application across my two monitors (both 1920x1080, one 27" the other 28") and display 4 shots in Culling mode. Then when I scroll across the filmstrip using the scrollwheel, the 4 previews scroll with the filmstrip. Shortcut keys don’t seem to work in Culling mode (or I haven’t as yet found and tweaked the settings), however clicking on the x (for reject) or one of the stars for rating in the overlay - either on the previews or on the filmstrip works fine. (Exception: when the overlay can’t easily be seen due to pale background of the image).

That which makes both this and the previous preferred method of culling work well for me is selecting to view “Unstarred only” - then as every image is either star-rated or rejected it is removed from the current collection and the next one/s are available for comparison and/or culling.

Sorry if this has been a bit long-winded or over-stating the obvious (akin to teaching a grandmother how to suck eggs).


Replying to myself rather than editing, as this seems worth a separate post …

@priort, I find that when the sync between filmstrip and preview images fails, clicking on one of the previews will restore sync. Your mileage may vary.

@heviiguy To cull in the oldest sense means

To select animals from a group and then kill them in order to reduce the numbers of the group in a controlled manner.

Could be applied to crops, or even people: powerful peoples have done this to their vassals. (Sorry, I am getting dangerously close to invoking Godwin’s law.)

Ahem… Nowadays, we are often interested in finding efficient ways of culling and organizing our photos.

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I did not know this function either. Where did I miss the train, when it got introduced?

I’ll check that out…

Thanks, @martin.scharnke and @afre. Although I’m well aware of what culling is, I had no idea that this function now has it’s own mode (in dt 2.7, Master Branch, @AxelG).

I think the culling mode is sequecial photos tied to the current position in the film strip and displaying the desired number of images updating as you scroll…expose is similar but is used to display selected set of
images not necessarily ones that are in order…at least I believe this to be the case

I am on git-master, anyway didn’t recognize this function :blush:

Please post a screenshot.

Tobias what screenshot were you requesting??

One with the culling mode.

Will put one up later…basically you select it at the bottom of the lighttable module…There is a drop down. Then use the slider also at the bottom to select the number of images to show at once…calling will be images
say 4 that are consecutive from the current spot you have selected in the ilm role and if ou scroll the 4 images scroll in sync. You can ctrl mouse wheel to zoom all the images at once and click and drag to pan…Expose is similar but you select the images to
display from the ilm strip they can e any images that you want ti compare…will be on my PC later and post couple of screens

Notice first screen shot…Lighttable set to Culling mode and with 4 images to be displayed, first image of the 4 comes from the active photo in the film roll…then the next 3…Second screen shot shows the same images …just used ctrl-mouse scroll wheel to zoom and clicked and dragged up to the left to pan…note same was applied to all image, ie the zoom and pan was sync’d

Is this what you were looking to see @Tobias …if not sorry and let me know further…

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