[Help] Writing an article for the 10 years of G'MIC ?

(G'MIC staff) #1

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently written an article (in French) for celebrating the 10th G’MIC birthday, summarizing the main new stuffs we’ve added to the project, these last 6 months. This article has been published here, on LinuxFR a very well known French news site about the free software world (not particularly focused on photography).

I’d like to make an English version of this long article, maybe for a publication on the pixls.us blog (as it has been done twice before).

Problem : I’ve an important deadline at work soon, as I must write an activity report before the 5th of September (approx. 20-25 pages) and of course I haven’t started anything already :disappointed_relieved:

So, I was wondering if I could get some help from the community, particularly from native English speakers to translate the document (I guess Google translate already does a decent job, giving you the global “meaning” of the article, here is the result of the automatic translation).

The article is basically written in markdown format, available here : https://linuxfr.org/news/g-mic-2-3-4-traiter-ses-images-en-se-disant-deja-10-ans.md
Markdown is also the format used by the Pixls.us blog.

Is there anybody motivated to help ? If so, any idea to make it possible to do collaborative work ? Is there, e.g, online Markdown editing tools available for such a task ?

I ask, because I know translating this will take me ages !
Thanks by advance :beer:

(Pat David) #3

If someone (or multiple someones) wants to help, I’ve put the file on HackMD here:


It is freely editable by anyone that wants to. Just open up and start translating! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help this time around. Maybe I can manage a final proofread when almost all is said and done.

I wonder if there exists something where you can have two columns where one is the original and the other is the WIP translation. I guess we could manage that with two windows, etc.

(G'MIC staff) #5

I’ve started translating some of the paragraph there, but this is clearly perfectible and needs attention. So, please even if you have a few minutes, take a look and contribute :pleading_face: :pleading_face:
It would be cool to have a nice article ready before the next 10 year anniversay ! :older_man:


Shouldn’t you be working on the report? :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe we should lock the gmic forum until the deadline :grin:
Will help with the translation if I can!

(G'MIC staff) #7

I’ve worked on it this morning and last night (until midnight), and it’s almost done fortunately. 26 pages of report done in 2.5 days of work, there are reasons I’m proud of myself :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

I’ll try to go on the translation as much as I can today, and I’ve seen that others already helped, so that is cool, but having more help would be still pleasant.

Thanks by advance to anyone contributing !


Ah good to hear it. I have a terrible problem with procrastination, I’m glad you don’t suffer the same affliction :slight_smile:
I have g’mic questions to ask in the exercises thread, this removes some guilt!

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Waiting then for your question. Good to have a break :slight_smile:


I think that’s all of the translating done, but now of course it will need checked and corrected. Going to have a break now!

(Ingo Weyrich) #11

I don’t know how to correct something, but I just saw a unsuccesful. Just search it and replace by unsuccessful


It’s actually really easy and you don’t need to register!
Simply click the edit pencil at the top left and it opens up a markdown text editor (it’s surprisingly nice). Then press publish at the top right when you’re done (at least that’s what I did, hope that’s right!).

(Ingo Weyrich) #13

Thanks for your help :+1:

(Ingo Weyrich) #15

I’ ve the feeling there’s someting wrong in this translation. But as I’m neither a native french nor a native english speaker, I’m not sure:


  • Cette satisfaction faisait néanmoins place à une certaine déception. Quel dommage de n’avoir pu toucher qu’un public finalement assez restreint, possédant à la fois des connaissances en C++ et en traitement d’images ! Une des évolutions naturelles du projet, consistant à créer des bindings de CImg pour d’autres langages de programmation, ne m’ouvrait pas de perspectives très réjouissantes, du point de vue de l’intérêt que j’y trouvais en développement informatique. Sans compter que ces bindings potentiels ne concernerait là encore qu’un public ayant une expertise en développement.


  • However, this satisfaction gave place to a certain disappointment. Reaching a rather restraint community of people with both C++ knowledge and image processing knowledge, what a shame ! One of the natural evolutions of the project, consisting in creating bindings of CImg for other programming languages, didn’t open very encouraging perspectives, based on the interest I found in it for software development. Not to mention that these potential bindings still only concerned a public with some development expertise.

(Ingo Weyrich) #16

This does sound wrong to me:

(G'MIC staff) #17

I’m back from an evening at the restaurant with my wife, and I was thinking about the fact I could work a bit more on the translation before going to bed.

And now, I’m just amazed, I don’t know who are all the contributors, but I simply want to say “Thanks all, I love you :heart::slight_smile:

You cannot imagine how sweet this is for me to see that this translation already gets a first version ready. Now the problem is : I’m probably not qualified anymore to know all the subtleties of the English language that could help making the translation even better !


Definitely looks rough but it is coming along. Extremely slowly going through the concluding statements and improving them. If anything, you must leave a good impression. :rofl:


Hahah! Not guilty :slight_smile:
I’m on it again now…


Yup some sentences in french just don’t seem to work well translated until you start moving the structure around. I had to rethink some of them just to make them readable, hopefully the intent is still the same!

(Ingo Weyrich) #21

What a big difference a small change in reordering words and adding an ‘only’ can make! Well done :+1:


Thanks, this might horrify some but I didn’t even fail english at school. I completely dropped it (mainly due to sitting writing programs instead). Promise I can write better than I do on here generally, but keep your eyes peeled anyway!