High ISO Edit Challenge

I am a sport photographer. Included is high ISO High School Football raw file in a poorly lit scenario. Shot at f2.8 1/1250 shutter ISO 6400 @ 200mm. 20-05-3020-09-115420.nef (26.3 MB)

included is a version of a finished product (scaled in Gimp)20-05-3020-09-115420-4.jpg.out.pp3 (11.6 KB)

License: CC BY-NC-SA


My swift interpretation without removing too much of the noise…

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Very good crop :+1:

Processed with DT 3.2:

20-05-3020-09-115420.nef.xmp (12.9 KB)

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Here is a version with RT 5.8. I assumed that the uniform is navy blue and yellow, not black and yellow. Am I right?
20-05-3020-09-115420.jpg.out.pp3 (12.2 KB)

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It is black and gold.

Maybe you could add plaw_raw as a tag.

20-05-3020-09-115420.nef.xmp (19.7 KB)

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Added tag. Thank you.

20-05-3020-09-115420-1.jpg.out.pp3 (12.1 KB)

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20-05-3020-09-115420.nef.xmp (10.1 KB) 20-05-3020-09-115420_02.nef.xmp (11.2 KB)

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… and b&w

20-05-3020-09-115420.nef.xmp (12.6 KB)

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Oh, that was fun. Reminiscent of shooting for the high school yearbook in the '70s, 'cept it wasn’t so hard to make nice. Back then, it was Tri-X pushed to ASA 4000 with HC-110 developer replenisher

Average filmic curve, then a rotate to line up the horizon using the trucks, crop because you can only carry so heavy a lens, nlmeans denoise although I could just monochrome it and it’d look like pushed film :laughing:, a bit of HSL saturation to separate the colors a bit. Oh, and I more-aggressively sharpened at output.

Edit: Okay, now it looks like pushed Tri-X… :laughing:


Maybe I will upload a Volleyball photo at a later date. Glad you enjoyed it.

football.pp3 (29.2 KB)

Used lots of local lab, noise reduction, then wavelet edge contrast to reintroduce details.

I would have loved to have an averaged dark frame, so that I could perfectly reduce the amp glow along the right border.

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I have no Idea what you are talking about, but I would love to understand it, if it will get more sales for me.

Please add an explicit license to your raw file, @254AllStar.com

Can you explain what that means and how to do it? I do not post here often.

Those are example licences. You could choose a different more suitable licence on the CC site.


Ok, I am researching. Sorry about this.

Here’s my try…

I’m afraid, it’s a little bit over smoothed.

Good night! :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

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