How can I bent like this

I did wanted to apply a YT photoshop tuto to GIMP and tried ALL transform tool, none of the transformation tool can bend a rectangle in a curved rectangle like on the screenshot above, even the cage transform with multiple points won’t do it properly…

Does some one know how to do it using transform tool or with a filter or something else?
Thank you

PS: if you need to see what I am speaking about, here is the video of the photoshop tuto at the time where he is making the transformation

I found it!! :crazy_face:
I was struggling from yesterday… and today I found it and it woks like a charm :+1: :+1:.

It’s all here ->

And it’s so easy to use it, love it!


Another way.

Try the Gimp gimp_gmic_qt plugin - The Warp (interactive) filter. example: A bit quick for the imgur 60 second limit but you should get the idea. Pad the overlay layer out with some transparency for the lower warp.

Otherwise: Krita has an excellent grid-deformation tool. (unlike the Gimp n-point deformation which stopped working round about Gimp 2.10.8)

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Krita’s transformation tools are very good indeed, especially the latest addition to the Transform Tool: Mesh transform and here a demo by the Krita team: NEW Mesh Transform finally in Krita, 2020! [YouTube]

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Yesterday I did tried this warp tool on G’MIC, and I thought it was not working at all, I was trying to click and drag the blue dots, and nothing was happening…
If you did not put the gif on imgur I would have never thought that we need to click on the OK button to be able to start moving the dots on a new window; which now tells me that many filters I thought were not working… are actually working :laughing:

Thanks a lot!!

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Wow, this is an excellent tool (exactly what I was searching for)
Thanks for the info, I’ll open Krita more often now :wink:


I would have never thought that we need to click on the OK button to be able to start moving the dots on a new window

neither have I !!! (are we only two? I doubt…)
Thank you!

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I doubt as well!
I see the OK button as a universal computer behavior which means “I have finished, I agree with the result, I click OK”.

EDIT: It seems to be a forgotten description in the description as it is written in some filters that we need to click OK or Apply to start the interactive window -> The OK button needed to start a filter