How do I add a "Favorites" tab in Linux?

I’m running RT in flatpack on Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.1.

Hi @Wayne and welcome! See here RawTherapee 5.6 will get a Favorites Tab but no GUI to configure it - #13 by heckflosse

Right. The implementation is currently via edited text configuration file in Windows… not slick, but way better than nothing, and mucking with the GUI is not a trivial undertaking! But how do I do this in Linux? I appreciate what a remarkable application RT is… but it is SO feature rich it is opaque to newbies. Favorites let’s you separate what you use regularly from what you don’t, creating a repeatable workflow and saving time and effort otherwise lost in navigation.

Hello, open .config/RawTherapee/options and add the following line in the [GUI] section:


This, setting the favourites via the GUI/Preferences is already created by @Lawrence37 and it is tagged to be implemented in the next release (5.10).

I’ve been using/testing it ever since Lawrence37 started working on it and it works rather nicely.

Here’s the PR: Favorites preferences #6383

Thanks, but I’m a recent Windows escapee and haven’t learned Linux compiling (yet) so I’m stuck with available packaging. Gratefully RT 5.09 is available as a Flatpack and that’s what I’m using, but I don’t think the config file is available for editing in Flatpack (if it is, I haven’t found it).

This is great news! Is it available now in an Appimage?

No, it is not.

Only way to get it at the moment is to merge it into a GitHub clone and configure/build/install it yourself.

Keep looking at the link I posted above, though. If that says merged instead of open it will be part of the available development build shortly, as in +/- 24h max., after. Not sure if you will still be on Linux, just in case:

I’m not a flatpak expert but this may help.

Flatpak apps are installed into ~/.var/apps/ and it’s one subfolder per app.

You should be able to find the folder for RT there and in that folder you should be able to see the options file. Edit: there may be a .config folder in the RT folder. I’m not using the flatpak version so I cannot be sure.

It’s worth making a copy of the options file before editing it.

Yes, it is, look in ~/.var/app/com.rawtherapee.Rawtherapee/config

Thanks to all or these replies! Wonderful help. And a great new feature. Appreciated.