How do you "AND" together two masks please?

I’m using drawn and para mask together. I use a para mask to select the sky, and that’s ok in itself, but some other areas in the image are also selected. So I paint a quick mask over the sky and of course this goes beyond the sky. So now I want the final mask to be the pixels that are in both masks. I’ve tried all the options (I think) involving “combine masks” and the two invert mask buttons, but no luck. Can dt do this, and how? Thanks.

Maybe this will help. Good luck!

Try doing it the other way around. First the parametric mask for sky and then draw (path) to limit area to sky.



Parametric mask only brightness:

Parametric mask brightness + blue only (removing yelow from b-channel in LAB):

Parametric mask brightness + blue only + drawn mask (path):

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