How to apply "fast raw rendering" from "inspect" window (on file browser view) ?

Hello all,
I’m new to photo editing and new to ART. I love it!
I am wondering about “fast raw rendering” in “inspect” window on file browser view.
What if I like the setting as a nice starting point? how do I apply it to the photo?
These options are not listed under “processing profiles”, and after I select one - and switch to “editor”, I find that it has not been applied, so I have to start from base point.
Please help: What am I missing? How can I apply the selected setting to the photo?

Thank you in advanced!

You can apply the “standard film curve” profile to get a similar look.


Yes, this is one option. Thank you!
I was more interested though in “linear tone curve”.
Also of course creating custom profiles isn’t that big of a deal, also more fun and “educating” :slight_smile:

If you want to start from scratch, just apply the neutral profile.